Xanfire Moonshadow

Elf Druid 4(variant)

Xanfire belongs to a sect of Druids in the Yuirwood that forgoes wildshape in favor of becoming a swift and deadly hunter. They also have learned to summon more powerful allies to their aid. His preferred allies are Greenbound wolves and crocodiles currently.

His animal companion is a leopard called Kevril that he dotes on somewhat.

Unfortunately, Xanfire didn't make it far in his travels throughout Faerun. Whilst adventuring with the PCs they were ambushed by an undead ogre mage and a pair of summoned bugbear zombies. The attack from the bugbear and the icy blast of the cone of cold from the ogre mage were too much for the fragile elf druid and he perished during the onslaught. Kevril ran off into the wilderness at some point in the melee, frightened and no longer bound to the elf. Percival thought it best to cremate the druid. In his studies, he'd heard of victims of death from cold effects had, on occasion, come back as bleakborn. To avoid this, the group hastily constructed a pyre and set Xanfire's soul to a fitting rest.


Wild Empathy
Nature Sense +2(on Knowledge(nature) and survival checks)
Woodland Stride
Trackless step
Resist Natures Lure
Wisdom Bonus to AC
Speed 40'
Favored Enemy: Undead+2
Greenbound summoning
Spell Focus: Conjuration

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