Vincenzo Dumal

"You appear a step above these common chattel. You would surely sympathize with my story…"
-Vincenzo the Butcher

Vincenzo Dumal (human (rashemi); Expert level 1, Rogue level 1, Necromancer level 3), or Vincenzo "the Butcher", was wanted for the murder of a trader and his family in Velprintilar. He had lived a simple yet covetous life as a trader. When the money became scarce he turned to less savory commerce. At one point he came across a tome of necromantic spells and was instantly obsessed. Vincenzo became engrossed in the book, so much so that it caused the collapse of his floundering business. Truly at the end of his rope, Vincenzo thought to extort funds from a competitor. When his demands were not met he took it as a great insult and underestimation of his power. In a fit of vengeance he crept into his rivals home one evening and slew his entire family. In an attempt to cover his crime and profit off of his rival's business, he raised the trader as a zombie and covered his appearance with an illusion. He had the disguised zombie make a few appearances during the tenday just to keep people from snooping, but eventually suspicions were raised and the hammer finally fell on Vincenzo the Butcher. After a close call with the Simbulmyn he made a hasty retreat for Thesk.

The PCs first encountered him on the streets of Telflamm where he was running from bounty hunters. The hunters were successful in their pursuit, however. The PCs met him again on-board the Albers on their trip from Thesk to Aglarond. He was supposed to be comatose for the journey while locked in the brig, but the anesthetic wore off early. Though undoubtedly evil, he assisted the PCs in fighting off the cursed ghost ship, the 'Sea Maiden'. Once they made port in Emmech they turned him over to the local authorities but "put in a good word" for him. Vincenzo has most likely been moved to Velprintilar where he faced his sentence.

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