Vincent Harkin

"We tear their hearts out. How better to show the Dark Lady our devotion?"
-Vincent Harkin

The amount of information known about Vincent is in direct relation to the number of words he speaks; not much. He is a dark and secretive man. Standing little more than 5 feet tall, he carries himself like a predatory animal. He wears his hair black, long and slick with clothing and armor to match. Those who prove too curious about his intentions seldom live long enough to ask. That is, if they manage to find him first.

Silas was hired by Vincent to help assassinate Helios, of all people. Once the spellthief realized what was going on he turned on Vincent and helped the PCs defeat him and his Sharran consorts. After tracking him back to a hidden temple of Shar, they failed to find him but found plenty of his handy-work. The temple was riddled with elaborate traps.

During this encounter, Vincent also seemed to be directing the strange kenku assassins in battle. They most likely work for him in some capacity.

The group has since discovered another temple devoted to Shar, with similarly sophisticated trap-work. This man must play a major role within the Sharran church.

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