Tunaster Dranic

"Why is it that I, a cleric in good standing with the Lady of Mysteries, should not know of this temple's construction until now?"
-Tunaster Dranic

This aging yet intermediate cleric of Mystra ran into a bit of a predicament in his recent travels. Tunaster discovered the construction of a new Temple of Mystra in Wheloon. Though, when he visited it, he felt something was amiss. He turned and ran from the place and the temple guards opened fire on him. Shaken, he returned to the city proper and posted bulletins in hopes of finding adventurers able to aid him.

It was in finding one of these bulletins at the Wyvern Watch Inn that the PCs met Tunaster. He hired them to inspect the temple and attest to its authenticity. The PCs accepted, in hopes that this situation was related to the visions Helios had had in the ruined temple in the Yuirwood and the garbled omens foretold by the spirit of Lady Levitas.

Having hired able help, Tunaster made ready to travel to Saerloon and inform the Tower of Knowledge of his suspicions as the PCs infiltrated the Temple. He did not get far, however, and was intercepted by hired mercenaries. He was taken back to the false Temple of Mystra and beaten to death. His body was to be fed to their pet amphibious otyugh, but the PCs had discovered the temple's ruse by that time and had made their way into the canal chamber, saving Tunaster's corpse from such a dishonorable rest.

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