"I Thraka. I lead army. Urug grust Gruumsh!"

Thraka (male half-orc, fighter lvl 5) lived among an orc horde deep within the Tannath Mountain Range. He was a half-orc but was accepted among his peers for his intelligence (relatively speaking), strength, and ruthlessness in battle. He became a captain of a somewhat small contingent of orc warriors and was content to raid caravans that braved the small trail between the Yuirwood and the mountain range, until Tolg'byri came. The nilshai sorcerer was unifying groups of orcs and hobgoblins all along the Tannath Mountains. Amassing an army for gods knew what.

Thraka saw promise in the strange creature's plans, and with his group he joined Tolg'byri and followed him into the Night Realm. He was made captain of the entire army answering only to Tolg'byri. He and his group started raiding the various towers of the Night Realm but ran into trouble when Mourel Duskwalker sent his undead minions to destroy the goblinoids. Thraka saw many of his 'men' killed or turned into fell undead. The subsequent battles resulted in a stalemate in the southern tower. Thraka was planning with Tolg'byri on their next course of action when Savera arrived.

The strange half-orc sorcerer and his group of taers appeared from within the menhir and Savera challenged Tolg'byri to a one-on-one battle. Savera emerged victorious. The odd sorcerer then dominated Thraka to gain control the horde of goblinoids. The siege continued with Mourel and his minions, until the PCs arrived. Controlled by Savera, Thraka had the PCs search for the portal key to activate the menhir's two-way portal. Somehow, the PCs were able to break Savera's hold on Thraka and together the PCs Thraka and his army swarmed Savera and 'his' taers.

The alliance was short-lived, however. Shortly after Savera was routed, Thraka decided he'd rather keep the treasure from the demiplane for himself and his army and attempted to take Duladora hostage and kill the PCs. It was not a very good plan, Aenin beheaded Thraka and the PCs defeated the horde in short order. Thus ended Thraka's career as a living breathing… anything.

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