The Shadow Hand Monks

-Brother Geed of the Shadow Hand

The church of Shar is well known for its sect of evil monks called the Dark Moon. However, being the secretive religion it is, the church has another lesser know division of monks with strange martial prowess. The Shadow Hand Monks are men and women that have given-up a piece of their humanity for dark powers granted by the Lady of Loss. They are known to use potently poisoned shuriken and their bare hands in battle. Much of their tact involves dodging and using an enemies strengths against them. The body of a recently deceased monk was retrieved from the false temple of Mystra in Wheloon. Inspection of the body revealed ritual tattoos and a self inflicted injury; the removal of his tongue. It is believed that all monks of this sect share these stigmas, perhaps as a sacrifice to the Dark Lady, but their number remains a mystery. From the testimony of Silas Porter, it is known that they can summon-up an aura of shadowy armor around themselves. It was one such aura that he had stolen from the now deceased monk in the battle below the temple.

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