The Shadovar

"My people have existed for a millennia in the harsh and forbidding Plane of Shadow, and they have faced this threat before. There is no-one better suited to battle the Phaerim than the archmages of Thultanthar."
- Melegaunt Tanthul

At the time of Karsus' Folly, and the enclaves of Netheril were sent crashing to the earth, a few enclaves escaped destruction. One such was Thultanthar Enclave. Telamont Tanthul, high archmage of Thultanthar, was sent visions of a toppeling Netheril some time before Karsus' act of arrogance, and he managed to move his enclave to the relative safety of the Plane of Shadow. Their Mythal, infused with Shar's Shadow Weave, escaped destruction and for an age they thrived as best they could in the forbidding cold of the Plane of Shadow. Their people became twisted and suffused by the nature of the plane and their veneration of the Dark Deity, becoming creatures of shadow. Still human in appearance, yet dark evil and immoral. Shar became more than a goddess to the people of Shade Enclave, she was their salvation, their everything.

In 1372 DR Galeron Nihmedu, under the direction of Melegaunt Tanthul, summoned Shade Enclave back from the Plane of Shadow using the Karse Stone. In the following months the Shadovar feigned benevolence under the promise of destroying the Phaerim. But it soon became apparent that they had ulterior motives. They caused severe weather changes to the Western Heartands, ruining crops and causing famine. They destroyed Tilverton in Cormyr, leaving it a black smear on the landscape. And when it was finally revealed that they were in league with Shar, the Chosen of Mystra (including Khelben Arunsun, Storm Silverhand, and Laeral Silverhand) infiltrated Shade Enclave in an attempt to destroy their Mythal. While not destroyed, it was damaged, and Shade Enclave lost possession of the Karse Stone. But the Mythal was repaired with astounding speed and it is believed that Shar claimed the Karse Stone and holds it at the Adumbral Calyx. There it is guarded by her dark and powerful servant, Volumvax, and his minions.

Shade Enclave has since made alliances with the Hulorn of Selgaunt in an attempt to capitalize on the civil war that seems all but imminent in Sembia. They also have dealings with the Cult of the Dragon, but since discovering the Zhentarim's attempt to ally with the Phaerim, Zhentil Keep has become their top "priority". The Harpers, Cormyr, and the forces of light stand in opposition to the Shadovar. Any enemy to the Church of Shar is enemy to the Shadovar of Shade Enclave. The princes of Thultanthar; Yder, Brennus, Rivalen and the rest have plots all across Toril, operating under the direction of their father, the ancient shade, Telamont Tanthul. Their future plans remain a mystery, but its safe to say they do not have Faerun's best interests at heart.

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