The Crew Of The Albers

First Mate Huxley
Ahoy there! You look like a sturdy enough fellow… But you are you sure you can use that thing? We don't have room for lazy dogs aboard the Albers!

Huxley (Expert lvl 3 [sailor]) worked his way up the ranks the hard way- by practicing self discipline and learning the harsh lessons of leadership. The Albers was not his first ship, but Fenn was the first to give the promising young talent a First Mate's position. Huxley's work aboard the Albers kept him in good shape. He favored simple clothing without any ornamentation that might have gotten in the way of his work above deck. He engaged in all things, including play, with energetic intensity.
After the attack of the cursed ghost ship, the Sea Maiden, on the trip from Telflamm to Emmech, Huxley swore off a career at sea and decided to settle down in Emmech.

Tomas the Navigator
Look, I just want to make it to port, collect my pay, and move on. I don't care who's in charge or who did what to whom.

The son of a notable shipwright, Tomas (Expert lvl 1 [sailor]) grew up watching his fathers ships leave dry dock in Waterdeep to sail across the horizon to ports unknown. From those early days, Tomas got the notion that he wanted to be on those ships instead of building them. His father's modest means allowed Tomas to be educated in the rudiments of navigation and cartography. After training , Tomas looked for work aboard warships and with exploring parties along the Sword Coast but found his lack of experience fatal. Moving inland to Yhaunn, he temporarily resigned himself to a smaller ship (and body of water), the Albers, Tomas hoped to get just enough experience to qualify for service aboard his dream vessels. Tomas was bespectacled and pallid due to the poor lighting in the storage room, where most of his work was done. Tomas considered himself a cut above the sailors around him (although he never would have said that to them) and didn't care to fraternize save for the mess and infrequent card games His humor tended toward the dry and sarcastic, but without ridicule directed toward others. Tomas wanted off the Albers; even more so when events began to unfurl. He saw bigger things in his future and wouldn't risk that future fr anyone. Unfortunately, during the last onslaught of sea scourges, Tomas was killed in battle. But, thanks to the PCs, the Sea Maiden was defeated before he rose again as a sea scourge himself.

Crewman Ox
Noticed you were new aboard… Listen, me and the boys get together for a little card game at nights some times… You in?

Ox (Expert lvl 2 [sailor]) left the country long ago for something better to do than shoeing horses and plowing earth. Procampur welcomed a man of his girth and he spent some years as a bouncer to illegal gaming dens. While not watching the doors, Ox learned the tricks of the trade and became something of a small time card hustler. His employers later caught wind of his "after hours" amateur setup and ran the poor man out of town. Ox was so afriad that his employers might do something nasty to him that he caught the next ship out of port. Ox picked-up the sea trade and years later served aboard the Albers. On ship he could be found both on deck working the lines and below making hull repairs as needed. Despite his previous run in, Ox couldn't help but ply his card trade, both on the Albers and at port. Ox was a bald, healthy-looking lug, with innocent, vacant eyes. He carried himself in a jocular, friendly manner, getting serious only when he was working or playing cards. Ox prominently displayed an ornate mermaid tattoo on his upper back.
After the ordeal at sea with the ghost ship most of the crew had either died or quit, but Ox still decided to stay with the Albers. However, with Old Pete as captain, its future at sea is uncertain.

Wendt, Ship's Cook
Get out of my galley! If you touch that keg, I'll chop off your fingers and serve 'em with gruel tomorrow!

Wendt (Expert lvl 1 [sailor]) worked in his family's inn, "The Spotted Dog", for most of his life, until it went broke. Wendt's father, Rudolph, cooked with much more pizzazz and brought in coin in the early years. Wendt, tried as he might, could never be the cook his father was.
Once Rudolph died, life soured for Wendt. Taking over the kitchen of the "Dog", Wendt hoped to keep the usuals coming back despite the change in cooks. Poor Wendt drove the place into the ground. Destitute, he found a job aboard a ship leaving for far off ports.
Wendt hated sea life, but he feared returning home and facing his creditors. Instead, he made his galley one of the most miserable places to be on the ship.
Wendt was an obese, unkempt man in early middle age. His arms were riddled with tattoos and he was missing two fingers. He somehow smelled worse than the honest working men on deck.
After the encounter with the Sea Maiden and making port in Emmech, Wendt decided he'd rather face his creditors than the unpredictable (and apparently malevolent) sea. He left the Albers without a cook.

Old Pete
That remainds me of a time… Oh, it must have been twenty summers ago or so. This young fella comes up to me and tells me much of what you just said. He was a brave one, a brave one mind you…
-Old Pete

Pete has spent most of his life aboard ship. As a boy, he signed on for dangerous voyages, hoping to see the world and find new places. For years, Pete served on war barges chasing raiders from the shipping lines between ports. After ending up the sole survivor when his barge broke up against the northern coast near the Moonsea, Pete tried to retire to Shadowdale and start a family on land.
As Pete would be the first to to admit, things didn't quite work out. Within a year he was bored with land-life and terrified of starting a family with the young woman he married. Pete was on the next cargo ship headed out of Yhaunn. To this day Pete has never looked back. Normally seen in the crow's nest, Pete's beard glistened with sea spray and his eyes squinted from gazing toward the horizon too long, Most often he wore a gentle smile, inviting people to come and talk for a while.
After the ordeal at sea with the Maiden Old Pete was left to captain the Albers. Being the most experienced member onboard, Huxley thought it was only logical that Pete should be captain. Reluctantly, he accepted.

Dert the Cabin Boy
Looks like we're neighbors. If you don't mind me asking, where are you all from?

Dert lived on a farm outside Phsant, and was the youngest of many children. Dert realized the failing farm was not able to support all of his family, so under the cover of night, he left with a caravan headed for Telflamm. But he found himself tiring of it within a year.
Dert often watched the ships sail in and out of port, and it wasn't very long before he insinuated himself into their saloons. Intrigued by the tales of sea-life, Dert joined the Albers (at the same time the PCs boarded for passage to Velprintilar) hoping to become a sailor himself.
A small boy, not more than ten, with sandy-brown hair and inquisitive eyes. After the attack of the Sea Maiden and making port in Emmech, Huxley thought it best if Dert stayed with him until they both found work. Dert is no longer curious about life at sea.

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