Starweaver Fembrys

"True power lies between the stars…"
-Starweaver Fembrys

Outwardly gruff and rather terse, Fembrys' facade does little to mask his true persona; that of a sick and cruel sociopath, devoted to the dark goddess Shar. Fembrys, along with Father Shan Thar Lady Arthas and other unknown parties, constructed a false temple of Mystra in Wheloon and used it as a front to lure unsuspecting petitioners to their deaths as sacrifices for Shar.

Fembrys used an obscure artifact called 'The Starry Gnosis' to dominate groups of petitioners and send them to their dead or worse. His macabre hobby consisted of torturing the patrons he was able to wrest from Lady Arthas. He would then remove their heads, stuff them, and mount them on the wall of his room.

The PCs almost shared a common fate with these poor unsuspecting patrons; Fembrys conducted the nightly sermons for them while undergoing "Mystra's Sacred Trust". During his final sermon he attempted to use the Gnosis to dominate the group. Many of them fell victim to the dark orb's effect, but Nimmik and Percival withstood. The crusader of Kelemvor subsequently knocked Fembrys into a coma and nearly removed his jaw from his head. And Silas ruined any chances of further nefarious plots involving the 'Starry Gnosis' by "tactically" destroying it.

Fembrys, though still alive, is still in a deep coma, from which he will most likely never wake. Lord Sarp has little compassion for conspirators, however, and the evil cleric will be put to death.

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