Sporadic Session Summaries

The PCs inspected the room and found, unsurprisingly, that the large shrouded figure was in fact a monster. The fact that it was a devourer was surprising, though, and the battle was hard fought when it was joined by more monks, dark creepers, and the monk that had put such a hurting on Silas all those sessions past. Jules and Perchivak occupied the devourer while the rest of the group dealt with the monks and dark creepers. The elven ardent was unfortunate enough to be pulled into the devourer, but was freed only after taking substantial damage.
The group dispatched the devourer, eventually, and Silas got some payback on the cruel monk. Searching the chapel revealed some statues of Shar and some ceremonial implements hidden in the altar. The adjacent room (through which they had entered the chapel) held little of interest amongst its scattered papers and smashed desks and bookshelves.

Once their ransacking was complete the PCs moved on to the next section of the monastery; It appeared to be some kind of mess hall, with two long tables and two pairs of matching benches There was an adjacent room with a pantry and a narrow hallway, both leading from the mess, toward the east. Here they met resistance in the form of more soldiers bearing symbol of Cyric, a tiefling female wielding a falchion, and the tiefling male spellcaster they encountered earlier at the entrance. Plus the archers from the roof had time to climb down and join the fray from a distance down the hallway. The soldiers proved stalwart yet fragile, and posed a minor threat. The tiefling spellcaster kept hurling balls of green fire at the group while his counterpart with the falchion charged in and slashed at the group with abandon. Aenin felt the worst of that sword - taking a critical hit for some massive damage and some debilitating effects. Helios launched his javelin repeatedly at the archers, when he could spot them, and followed up with a ball of lightning. Silas focused on the tiefling warlock, while the rest of the group tried to pin-down the archers who proved to be as stealthy as their own rogue. To the group's dismay, they discovered that they were exposed to the animated balista once they reached the far end of the hallway. So Silas, once having dealt with the tiefling, climbed to the roof and attempted to exert his will over the construct. After a few failed attempts, which did succeed in drawing the balista's attention away from the rest of the group, the spellthief dominated the draconic balista. This freed the group to dispatch the archers and the female tiefling without fear of being impaled by huge balista bolts or scorched by balls of flame.

The group searched the bodies and found a few interesting magic items, particularly on the tiefling spellcaster, of which there was even documentation in the tiefling's quarters. It appeared that the items were part of a set that he was trying to collect and he had researched that set extensively. Amongst this research the PCs also found a letter which he was apparently going to send to someone named 'Strom'. Silas recognized the name as that of the mage Dee had mentioned. He kept the information to himself for the time being. Their search also revealed the female tiefling's quarters, in which they found several doctrinal items and a small shrine devoted to Cyric. Judging by her combat skill they deduced that she may have been an anti-paladin or avenger in service to the Mad God. After desecrating the shrine and anything holding Cyric's symbol the group made their way out of the monastery, with their new balista in tow, having explored it's entirety.

On their way back to their macabre skiff they encountered a group of shadar-kai; about half-a-dozen warriors wielding katars and a spellcaster. They engaged in combat with little discourse, and the shadar-kai witch began the combat by apparently summoning a nightwalker into the midst of the PCs. Shaken at the sight of the massive horror of the Plane of Shadow the PCs tried to avoid it, but the witch, apparently powerful enough to control a nightwalker, kept commanding it to pursue them as the battled the shadar-kai warriors. Eventually the group realized that the nightwalker was just an illusion and it was just a magical zone that was lashing out at them with psychic damage and fear. They focused their attacks on the witch and triumphed. A few of the warriors fled into the monastery, but the PCs decided not to follow. They headed back to their skiff and set the skeletons rowing toward the next eerie purple beacon as they got some much needed rest.

Thirteenth of Eleint 1374 DR

Niall, during their respite on the boat, was able to prepare some lightly enchanted armor for Nathaniel, for which the priest was grateful. Silas and Helios took turns on watch as the skiff creaked its way through the swamp. The sound of rushing water, though faint and hushed by the gloom of the Shadowfell, grew steadily louder as they continued to follow the beacons. Soon, a cabin could be seen through the shadowy mist, the final beacon set high on a post near an adjacent dock. Beyond the cabin was a drop-off and a massive waterfall as far as the PCs could see. The only means onward was a rope bridge extending from the cabin into the mist beyond. This was undoubtedly the 'Black Rift' Dee had mentioned.

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