Solomon Blackroot

"Now there's a mangle I haven't 'eard in some time. Coves 'round 'ere jes call me Minus."
-Solomon "Minus" Blackroot

Solomon Blackroot grew up in the backstreets of Velprintilar's east end. His mother and father fought endlessly and his other siblings had the tendency to pick-on and beat Sol mercilessly. The only good thing in his life was his best friend, Silas Porter. The two were practically joined at the hip. "Sy and Sol" was often the term used to describe the pair. They were a common sight walking the market streets, looking for loose coin or loose purse-strings. Silas' mother was less than enthusiastic about her son's playmate, warning him that Sol would get Silas into trouble. It was Sol, after all, that convinced Silas to chuck a stone at the blacksmith's son for teasing his brother. Eventually Goodlady Porter's premonition came true, and while Sol lost a hand and an eye trying to steal from Tholon's Magical Trinkets, he also lost his friend. Silas was forbidden from paling around with the maimed little street urchin.

Sol's home-life only got worse after the incident. While Tholon declined to press charges, seeing as how Sol was injured, Solomon's parents weren't so forgiving. He became the scapegoat for all of their problems, and the beatings not only came from his two older brothers but now also from his father. His mother died of consumption a year after Sol's little act of larceny, and his father became increasingly abusive. When Sol was 14 he could take no more. After a particularly brutal beating, Sol attacked his father, strangling him to death with one hand. Appalled by what he had done and in fear of the local authorities, he hopped the first ship bound for Telflamm.

The vile and murderous streets of Telflamm were a far cry from Velprintilar's east end. The city guard and Simbulmyn held at least some order in the narrows of Aglarond's capitol, while Telflamm was run by corrupt merchant princes and the infamous Shadowmasters. It wasn't long before thieving became less a lark than a way to survive. Despite his handicaps, Sol persevered and eventually made something of a name for himself, amassing a small group of fellow cut-purses. But, the Shadowmasters don't look kindly upon small-time thieves operating without their say-so. In a deadly raid on his hide-out, the Shadowmasters killed all of his companions, including his lover, Tara. They spared Sol, demanding his fealty to their guild. With little choice, Sol acquiesced.

The Shadowmasters were like his abusive family all over again. At the bottom rung of the organization he saw little reward and even less respect. Until the day a petty and envious cleric assigned him to kill Davaria Darkcloak, a rival cleric of Mask within the guild. On a routine casing he caught his first glimpse of her. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and her power was well outside his league. On the night before the assassination attempt he received a vision; in this dream Davaria came to Sol, wearing a black mask. They made passionate love, and afterward she removed her mask to reveal the endless expanse of a starry void where her face should have been. Solomon awoke in a cold sweat and vowed then and there that he couldn't go through with the assassination.

He went to Davaria anyway, but not to assassinate her. Solomon threw himself at her feet and pledged his love and loyalty to her and the church. The cleric could have easily destroyed Sol, but she saw the spark of zealous devotion in his eye. Davaria took Solomon into the fold of the church of Mask, and so began the life of Minus Black.

Solomon staged his own death with Davaria's help, and the Shadowmasters were led to believe he had failed in his attempt to assassinate the female cleric. Using potions of alter self (provided by Davaria) he was able to elude any detection to his ruse, and he took on a new identity; "Minus Black". An elaborate decoy was set-up to lure any subsequent attempts on Davaria's life while Minus re-entered the ranks of the Shadowmasters as a mole. Eventually his digging turned-up a pivotal weak point. The cleric that had assigned him to kill Davaria had a penchant for the local night-boys. Having all the information he needed, Minus disappeared.

Together, Minus and Davaria infiltrated the ranks of the Shadowmasters and murdered the cleric that had ordered Davaria's death along with his followers. Davaria took the dead clerics position and placed Minus at a high rank. The leaders of the guild saw this as a simple case of natural selection, and accepted Davaria's coup with grudging respect. The female cleric took it upon herself to inculcate Minus to the Maskarran clergy.

Minus had a penchant for divine spellcasting. He excelled far beyond his peers, much to their envy. Those who attempted to eliminate him (even in concert) failed, paying for their mistake with their lives. Minus has flourished more than ever within the church of Mask. His hard life has tempered him for the harsh trials of the Maskarran clergy. The Shadowmasters, whom believe Sol to be dead, haven't caught-on yet that one of their former whipping boys is now a cleric of respectable prowess.

Progress had its benefits, and Minus was able to commission a spellcaster to replace his missing eye and hand with undead grafts. Though far from normal-looking, they do afford Minus an additional ace up his sleeve. His priestly might and thieving prowess have become a great asset to the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.

These days, Minus is content to extort funds from the fat merchant princes and vice peddlers of Telflamm, all in the name of Mask. The thugs of the Nine Golden Swords provide a great deal of evening entertainment; their ineffectual attempts to gain a foothold in Telflamm allow Minus to hone his skills. Davaria has taken him as a lover, though he's quite certain that he isn't her sole consort. Minus doesn't care, though. For the first time in his life he has the upper hand, and it feels good.

Minus Black (human male {Damarran} Rogue 6, Cleric {Mask} 3, Divine Trickster {Mask} 3) appears as a somewhat short young man of Damarran descent with a lean frame. His facial reatures would be handsome if it weren't for the large scar covering much of the left side of his face. The same burning hands trap that caused that scar also claimed his left eye and left hand. Minus wears an eyepatch over his newly acquired eye (which glows with a firey light) and a leather glove over his new hand. He keeps his blonde hair close-cut and his natural eye is a deep blue. Minus commonly wears black leather armor, though is not averse to wearing heavier protection if need be. He employs the use of paired punching daggers in combat, but prefers to rely on his stealth and spells to avoid any two-sided confrontations.

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