Snipers Gambit

Prerequisite: Weapon Focus- Bow or Crossbow, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Sneak Attack or Sudden Strike ability, Base Attack Bonus +9

Aiming is second nature. Enemies' weak spots are highlighted to your vision.

Benefit: When using a bow or crossbow and you aim in combat, it is considered a standard action instead of a full round action. Your target is also considered flat-footed for your attack and you may apply your sneak damage dice, spell thief abilities, or even an assassin's death attack. You still provoke attacks of opportunity as normal, are still +2 to hit, -2 to AC, and may still aim only once per round.

Normal: Aiming in combat is a full round action. And you may only apply Sneak Attack damage or spell thief abilities to ranged attacks within 30'. Death Attacks can only by used against melee opponents.

Special: A fighter may select Snipers' Gambit as one of their bonus feats.

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