Simbulmyn Sigil Ring

Simbulmyn Sigil Ring:
This wide copper band is given to key members of the Simbul's guard, usually for important missions. Its embossed with the Simbulmyn insignia (a simple star within a ring). The wearer receives the following benefits:

  • +2 luck bonus to AC (this stacks with any other luck bonuses)
  • Immunity to detect thoughts, discern lies, and detect alignment as a ring of mind shielding
  • Sending as the spell, once per day, to any other known or detected wearer of a Simbulmyn Sigil Ring (no range limit, but you must be on the same plane)
  • Detect other Simbulmyn Sigil Rings within 1 mile, once per round as a free action

Anyone of evil alignment attempting to wear a Simbulmyn Sigil Ring causes the ring to tarnish and fuse to the wearer's finger and emits a discordant jingling sound.

Aura: moderate abjuration, Price: 25,000gp, Body Slot: ring, Caster Level: 12th (mind blank, sending, shield of faith), Weight:-

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