Silas Porter

Silas brushes back his cloak and shifts his weight to one foot.

"Steal? There's an ugly word, and I try to avoid ugly words. Redistribution, now that's better. See, stealing implies I've something personal against you, and that's not the case at all. I've no problem with you, just your money, and my problem with that, is that it's not mine."

He pauses for a moment, then takes a half step towards you. "Now here's a good lad. Why don't you run off," a flash of something pointed and shiny appears and disappears beneath his cloak, "before we have us a heap of mason's."

His eyes flick past yours to something behind you, and as you turn your head to look you instantly know it was the wrong thing to do. You close your eyes, reaching your trembling hand for the familiar weight of your purse, but you already know it's gone, along with the man who claimed it.

Silas "The Pick" Porter
Male Human Spellthief 6/Fighter1
STR 16 DEX 19 CON 14 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 12

Silas's Inventory


  • Balance +6
  • Bluff +7
  • Climb +5
  • Disable Device +11
  • Gather Information +7
  • Hide +25
  • Jump +7
  • Knowledge Arcana +5
  • Listen +4
  • Move Silently +12
  • Open Lock +12
  • Search +11
  • Spellcraft +5
  • Spot +9
  • Swim +5
  • Tumble +12
  • Use Magic Device +6

Feats: Luck of Heroes, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot,
Weapon Focus (Longbow), Improved Initiative, Eagle's Eye

Silas Porter, known as "The Pick" among those with flexible morals, cuts a lean figure at 6'1" and 180 lbs. His features are unremarkable, and his movements are fluid and effortless akin to the timeless grace of an elf, if the elf in question were drunk and liked to take things that didn't belong to him. He currently serves the Simbulmyn of his own free will, investigating "events of interest." The fact that he only really does it in order to satisfy his own natural curiosity and to gain personal wealth hasn't seemed to bother anybody yet.

When adventuring, Silas wears a full set of Shadowsilk Armor, a Cloak of Elvenkind, and a Hat of Disguise, which he typically uses to avoid looking like himself, and to hide his recently acquired mask of Mask. If he is "working" at night, or else dungeon crawling, he casts Ebon Eyes on himself, which causes a dark film to cloud his eyes. He typically spends most of his time hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right time to snipe an enemy with his +1 Composite Longbow [+3] of Seeking.

Since willfully passing through an ominous Mystic Gate in the basement level of a defiled Temple of Mystra, Silas has gained the ability to acquire the Dark template at will for up to 10 rounds/day (may be non-consecutive). The Dark template grants the following attributes:

+10' Movement
Hide In Plain Sight ability
+8 Natural Bonus to Hide Checks
+6 Natural Bonus to Move Silently Checks
Cold Resistance 10
Darkvision 60'
Improved Lowlight Vision 120'

Additional Backstory:

Things never seemed to turn out the way Silas Porter wanted them to.

Like that time he got his mother a locket for her birthday when he was
10. He knew she had wanted it, had seen her staring at it through the
window at Marv's Jewelry. Why had she been so mad, then, when she
opened his thoughtfully wrapped gift and saw the locket? Where was
the gratitude? All she wanted to know was how he got it and whether
anyone had seen him. And boy, was his father going to be mad when he
got home.

Or when the Blacksmith's troglodyte of a son attacked his brother in
an alley for embarassing him at school, why was Silas punished for
defending him? The rock he had thrown hadn't even been a pointy one,
and the dolt wasn't even bleeding that badly. Even his brother seemed
mad at him for that.

The worst was probably when he and his friend Sol decided to break
into Old Man Tholon's place and sneak around. It was a decent plan,
get inside, rummage through the old Wizard's things, bring back a
trophy to show the lads, and earn some well-deserved respect. Except
for the Burning Hands spell the miser decided to place on his
sideboard took one of Sol's in retribution, and the two barely escaped
before the Watch showed up. Instead of the prize and the pride, they
were left with nothing. Actually, Sol had even less than before, but
then he should have been more careful.

After that, Silas decided that his hands were more important than his
pride, and vowed to keep his more curious natures in check.
Unfortunately, as is often the case with youth, prudence came to be
replaced by ale, and "The Pick" found himself on the wrong side of a
locked door. Specifically, a cell door.

At some point, his considerable but alcohol-addled intellect had
decided that The Simbul herself needed to be divulged of some of her
assets. This is what he told his friends at the pub, in any case, and
when they all agreed but none volunteered, he did the most honorable
thing he was capable of: proclaimed his intent to sneak into The
Simbul's Keep and remove a token of her power.

If only he had encountered a Burning Hands trap.

Suffice to say he never got far into the Keep before being
apprehended. The Captain, in his infinite mercy, decided not to
inform Her Simbul-ness of the trespass, and instead decided to recruit
Silas to his own ends. It seemed that, despite her phenomenal arcane
prowess, the Queen was something of a budget mis-manager, and thus her
Captain in charge of security found himself woefully underfunded and
in the midst of a hiring crunch. Fortunately Silas was available at a
very reasonable rate.

Which is how he came to be wandering the Yuirwood, one thief in search
of another. Vaguely he wondered how many more errands he would need
to perform for The Simbul before his crime of trespassing was repaid.

And then everything went black. > Click to See Session 12/07

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