Shan Thar

"Mystra bless you, and welcome to the house of Our Lady of Mysteries. May I interest you in learning the secret docrtines of the Mysrtan faith? You need only bring 25 crowns this evening and we will begin the 3 day ritual of Mystra's Sacred Trust…"
-Father Shan Thar

Shan Thar is the most friendly and personable priest of Mystra you will ever meet, and that is only because he is not a priest of Mystra at all. Thar, along with Fembrys and Lady Arthas were the false clerics of Mystra in the new temple in Wheloon. Shan Thar is, in fact, a cleric of Cyric, as discovered by Nimmik and the PCs when they inspected his holy symbol.

When the PCs turned the temple inside out, Shan Thar tried to assemble the guards and stop the insurrection. The unwitting guards tried their best, believing that they were in the service to Lady Mystra, but the PCs proved too formidable a foe. Shan Thar tried to slip away when things turned sour, but Percival apprehended him. Thar kept his overly-friendly trap shut after that, neither confirming or denying the accusations of the PCs, the Purple Dragons, and his ex-protege (Kevrin).

Shan Thar will most likely face the same fate as his co-conspirators; a private execution.

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