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Eleventh of Eleint 1374 DR

The being that was once two separate and wholly different persons stood, its glossy black scales reflecting the blue glow of Archlight. Without a word he walked to the pile of gear on the gatehouse floor and picked out a nice suit of armor, a wicked-looking axe, and a handful of other gear.

"Percival?" asked the tiefling, as he slowly approached the draconic humanoid.

"You may call me Percival, if it please you, though I am the one called !Chk and the knight. Yet something else," the massive dragonborn said as he donned the armor and arranged his gear on his person.

"Wonderful," said Nimmik, "well, if no-one else wishes to become a bleeding racial paradox, I suggest we move, and quickly."

The group gathered what was left of the pile of gear (which wasn't much) into the Bag of Holding and proceeded toward the keep. Just inside they found the bodies Niall had mentioned.

"I should bury them and perform rites," said Nathaniel, "Venture ahead, I will catch-up."

Not wishing to argue, the group proceeded into the main hall of the keep wherein they found the massive ball of shadow. From it extended twisting tendrils of darkness, caressing the ruined walls of the hall.

"There it is. The gate through which I arrived," said the deva invoker. "Have care, it may take us to the Elemental Chaos."

Still not familiar with the reference, the rest of the group proceeded through the gate in short order. After a moment of disorientation they found themselves standing in a dark reflection of the keep. The ceiling was non-existent, exposing an overcast sky. The moon's diffuse light hardly made a difference and the shadows were more than absences of light; they seemed endless voids hiding untold horrors. The light of Helios' spear waned under the press of the darkness of this realm and its blue glow was dulled to a gray. The walls of this hall were in much worse shape than the other side of the shadow gate, hardly constituting a structure. The tower, however, still seemed somewhat whole on this side. But the shadow gate, which appeared as a ball of darkness on the Prime Material, appeared as a ball of light here. Without a doubt, the group was in the Plane of Shadow.

"Who are you?" came a voice from the darkenss, and a pale darkly clad woman emerged from the shadows, "you are not the ones we fought in the realm of light, and yet… Leave and we will not destroy you where you stand." As she finished her statement more pale humans, all with extravagant piercings and tattoos, appeared from the shadows wielding spiked chains.

Another pale female appeared near Silas and said, "What are you doing with them? Join us and we can have some real fun." The innuendo in her statement was inescapable.

Silas gave her a smug look, "I think I'd rather kick your Sharran arses, if its all the same to you."

"On three," Helios projected to the group's minds, "one, two…"

"You have made a poor choice this day. May your souls find no re —," said the first pale female as she was interrupted.

"THREE!" said the kalashtar, his dual voice reverberating off the ruined walls, as the group sprung into action as one.

The battle commenced and the PCs had their work cut-out for them. The first pale female, wearing dark robes, cast hexes on the group. While the second assaulted them with deadly dual katars. More enemies appeared once the battle was joined — dark ones and shadow mastiffs emerged from the shadows to assault the PCs. Silas stayed mobile, trying to pick-off shots where he could. Helios and Niall stayed mostly stationery, tying to control the battlefield. Aenin rushed right in toward the female in dark robes and assaulted her for the majority of the battle. Percival/Chk (or, "Perchivak", as we like to call him) fought-off the handful of dark ones with his axe, doling-out radiant damage constantly. Nimmik blasted and burned as many targets as he could managing not to catch any of his allies in his conflagrations. Enemies poured in from outside the hall; more dark ones and shadow mastiffs, and Nimmik fell unconscious from one of the chain-wielding shadar-kai. But, Helios rallied the group with some healing and a timely use of Predatory Shards. Eventually the group succeeded, and Aenin claimed the head of the dark-robed female.

Badly wounded and out of encounter powers (and most of their dailys), the PCs jumped back through the gate to regroup. Nathaniel was there, apparently just about the pass through the gate himself.

"You look awful," he said to the group.

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