Session 06 04 10

The group took the elf's advice and sought refuge in the eastrn branch of the ruined gatehouse, formerly a stable. Soma revealed his origins to the group, and only Niall had any clue of the places of which he spoke. The stealthy elf was apparently the member of an order of borderland guards trained to protect the elven city-state of Dejai from interlopers. Though, the surrounding swampland has plenty of hostile natives, the elves saw the need to found the Order of the Hidden Blade to monitor the comings and goings of the curious humans who sought Dejai. Though they never harmed any of the travelers they found, neither did they aid them should they encounter any of the other swamp denizens, which was quite often. Any lucky enough to avoid the dangers of the swamp were discouraged through primal magic, and eventually expelled fom the woods to a random location… in the feywild.

Lengthly and detailed backstories aside, the group needed to know what enemies remained in the abbey. Silas snuck off into the courtyard just as a portal appeared 5' in the air, producing the half-elf ardent. Jules landed in the stable having been briefed by Maercus on the mission at hand and given a nifty magic item (item will be received upon completion of character back-story). He was not familiar with his immediate surroundings, however, and thw PCs had to debrief him further on their situation in the abbey. As the group chatted, Silas inspecred the courtyard. He could still see the draconic ballista perched on the roof of the northern section of the abbey, bur he also spotted a man with a siege bow perched on the roof to the east of the group's position. Deciding to get the drop on their would-be ambush, the spell-thief fired a shot at him. The arrow struck true and the man cursed and ducked back onto to the roof. Not wanting to pull the full force of both of the archers (Soma and Silas had spotted two men with seige bows during their earlier recon) and the ballista, so he ducked back into the shadows . He saw no safe way to venture further into the abbey; the courtyard was out of the question, they'd be walking into a shooting gallery. The abbey stair leading to the northern chapel secton was their only option, but it left them open on one side. If the archers spotted them they'd be in a bad position to defend themselves. After Silas relayed the options to the group, Arachne offered a solution in the form of her racial cloud of darkness ability. Under the cover of the Spider Queen's veil, the group stealthily approached the chapel. The door at the top of the stair was locked, upon Silas' inspection. But, when he touched it to attempt to pick the lock, an arcane sigil flared on its surface blasting the immediate area with necrotic energy. Those close enough to be effected shruged off any harm or threw themselves flat. Thw spell-theif attempted to disable the sigil but accidentally triggered it again. And once again the sigil flared and the PCs avoided any harm. Finally, Silas managed to disable the rune and unlock the door.
Beyond lay a ruined scriptorium; bookshelves, desks, and scrolls were strewn about the room and most of the furniture was in pieces. To their left stood double-doors emblazoned with the symbol of Shar, no doubt leading into the domed chapel. The room on which they stood was in the same state of ruin they'd encountered so far. But it was at least lit adequately. The spell thief opened one of the doors a crack and peered inside; therein he saw an altar, a large statue covered with a black shroud, and some small bundles along the walls.

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