Session 04/25

Davo and Lux departed and the group tailed the Sharrans using Nimmik's birds eye viewing granted to him by Malphas (pact magic). It led them to the sewers in the east end of Velprintilar and after 20 minutes of searching they found a hidden network of rooms. Without Silas they were hard-pressed to work their way through the system of traps within, resulting in more than a couple injuries. The fist small room was hidden behind a curtain of deeper darkness. When Helios tried to put his gem of light within the area of dark it was snuffed-out, and resumed its normal candle-like radiance. They had to search blindly for the passage beyond, but eventually found it. Once inside, they found a grated floor and skulls lining the 10'x10' space. They searched tentatively and eventually found the secret latch to open the hidden door, but not before tripping a poisoned dart trap and a poison gas trap, both of which Aenin (whom decided to do the searching) shook-off. Percival took a direct approach in disabling the poisoned dart trap by smashing the skulls from which they shot. They moved into the next chamber which was a short hallway with an alcove dotted wall on the left. Small candles with strange blue flames were in each of the alcoves providing poor illumination. Immediately to the right were two curtains of darkness and what looked like a hallway leading further right between them. Nimmik provided everyone with an ebon eyes spell to negate pressing darkness. The group could then see that behind the curtains of darkness (one on either side of the hallway to the right) were more alcoves, yet larger that the ones with the candles, that held unfinished statues. With a quick religion check, Helios determined them to be depictions of the dark goddess, Shar. It seemed that the sharrans were in the process of building a hidden shrine beneath Velprintilar.

Moving down the hallway to the right they noticed that the circular room at the end had a small brazier of blue flame at its center. Cautiously they approached, Percival and Aenin in the lead. Unfortunately, they didn't spot the most insidious trap of the shrine. With a soft *click* underfoot and a distant *whir*, Percival and Aenin felt the rush of something large from right above them. Too late, they tried to dodge and they were slammed with large stone blocks from the ceiling. Aenin managed not to get pinned, but Percival was not so lucky and they both took a healthy beating (32 DMG!). At the moment the blocks hit strange small creatures shrouded in darkness attacked the group and shadows emerged from the walls of the room. With Percival pinned and wounded and Aenin bleeding badly, this would prove a difficult fight.

The small evil little creatures were more or less invisible stabbing, away at the party and doing sneak attack damage. The shadows in the room ahead began to move toward the group while Percival and Aenin struggled with the stone block. Helios and Nimmik cast light of lunia and light of mercuria (respectively). The large shadow in the room beyond lifted one of its arms and the nimbus of light surrounding both Nimmik and Helios went-out, ruining the spells. Meanwhile, Aenin effortlessly lifted the stone block from Percival (nat 20 STR check), allowing the knight to stand quickly and cast corpse candle from his helmet. The invisible little creatures were instantly outlined and now somewhat visible, allowing Aenin and Nimmik to slay two of them. Helios presented his symbol of Mystra and turned the smaller shadows in the room, however, the large shadowy creature didn't flinch. Percival and Aenin dropped the rest of the small evil little beasts while Nimmik cast rainbow beam at the large shadow. Unfortunately, it didn't have the desired effect (elementals are immune to acid), but it did daze the creature. The large shadowy creature then moved up to Aenin and struck him with one of its incorporeal fists doing a decent amount of damage and chilling the already wounded warblade. At that moment an arrow streaked over Aenin's head and struck the Shadow Elemental, unfortunately another arrow struck Aenin in the shoulder. Silas had arrived. Percival took advantage of the distraction to finish the creature with one mighty blow from his Yuir Ghostblade.

After some confusing "where did you come from?" and "how did you guys get here?" the group searched the corpses of the small creatures finding only mundane daggers and leather armor. Nimmik formerly introduced himself to Silas (who was a bit wary of the Thayan) and asked if he planned on entering the agreement the rest of the group had with Maercus of the Masks. Silas agreed tentatively, but was pleasantly surprised when he was given money (500gp) and an incentive item (goggles of arcane sight). Searching the room they found a spell-trap sigil on the small brazier. Silas took point and tried to disarm it, but after a failed check and (thankfully, phantasmal killer) successful saving throw, Nimmik ended up using dispel ward. With the spellthief back in the lead he easily found and disarmed the remaining traps (including a nasty poisoned wall scythe). They had not, however, yet found Lady Levitas or any of the Sharrans whom attacked them.

Through another curtain of darkness they discovered another secret door which lead to a large circular chamber. Inside they found four large braziers of cold blue flame, a dark altar, and a rack on which laid the emaciated figure of Lady Levitas. Hurrying to her side, Helios attempted to heal the obviously injured priestess, but her wounds ran too deep (CON drain). She uttered a few last words and perished. The PCs took a moment to mourn the loss of the priestess and then began to search the room for signs of her tormentors. As Silas approached the altar (above which hovered an illusion of Shar's holy symbol) the holy symbol began to spin and a disembodied voice berated and taunted the PCs. Runes began to appear on the wall directly behind the altar and, thinking quickly, Nimmik told the PCs not to read them (explosive runes). Using another dispel ward the apprentice Red Wizard disabled the runes. Further searching of the large chamber revealed a narrow secret passage leading back into the sewer from which they started. It appeared their quarry had eluded them. Retrieving the remains of Lady Levitas the group made their way back to the surface. They returned to the Temple of the Four Moons with the body and the news both sad and terrifying. Lady Orthul (the head priestess) was very distraught over the loss of one of their own and furious that Sharrans had accomplished such a vile feat within the city.

Silas, seeing a need to make a hasty report, slipped away to Griffonheight Keep. Hovor was none too pleased to see the spelltheif so late/early (~1:00 AM), but after hearing the report he quickly changed his tune. Hovor thanked Silas for his quick report and began marshaling a small group to head into the sewers and remove the vile sore from Velprintilar.

Back at the Temple of the Four Moons, Lady Orthul had finally noticed the tattoos encircling Nimmik's bald pate and was eying him with suspicion. Nimmik broke the ice and stated simply that; Yes, he was from Thay, and; No, he was not here under any nefarious designs. To ease the tension a bit he handed her the book of religious text on Marduk he'd received from Polluxariat, which successfully drew her attention away from his tattoos. An initiate rushed out from within the temple exclaiming that Levitas' spirit was talking to them, at length, in a strange tongue. The group hurried into the temple to witness the disembodied spirit of Levitas rambling on in an esoteric dialect. No one seemed to understand her, except for Nimmik who began to translate; "… eye of the storm… golden… in his blood… the vast… the well…, etc…" The group pondered the meaning of this as the spirit faded away. After some thought, they deduced that she might have been speaking of the Vast Swamp near Wheloon in Cormyr. Lady Orthul provided the PCs with healing and even gave them each a healing potion as a gesture of thanks. The group also bought a fresh wand of cure light wounds, and payed to have the one they already had recharged.

Silas returned shortly thereafter and the group decided to call it a night, retiring to a suite Nimmik had already prepared.

Twenty Eighth of Eleasias, 1374 DR

The next morning Nimmik explained a few things that had become obvious to him if not everyone else; as long as they carried the Karse Stone they were a target, the church of Shar was becoming more brazen in its activities, Levitas' spirit was speaking in Loross (ancient Netherese noble tongue). In short, a storm was brewing. Their next logical move was to get to Cormyr as soon as possible. Helios had a stroke of inspiration; he remembered hearing that some of the half elves of the Yuirwood were able to use the menhirs therein to travel long distances across Faerun. If they could find one of such power that could get them as close as possible to Wheloon it would cut down their travel time considerably. So, it was off to find Oz again and back to Relkath's Foot after a few days wait (to have the wand recharged and Aenin's sword enchanted).

The trip though the Yuirwood saw some excitement; the group was attacked one night by a gang of wraiths (5). But with the undead killing machines (Percival and Aenin) and light of lunia and light of mercuria spells 5 wraiths was nothing but a small inconvenience. The group was really getting the hang of killing undead.

Once in Relkath's Foot, Ozimander asked around for Dervilla Greenbow, a high ranking master of the Yuirwood. And, after some searching and waiting and having his sister (Handeera) wildshape and go get her, Dervilla was "happy" to assist the PCs. A short travel brought them to the closest menhir and Dervilla prepared to activate the gate…

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