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The next area was vacant aside from an interesting item found in the shallows of a deep pool; a loadstone. The spell-thief also found a secret exit leading to the outside of the warren. The next area was packed with shadowslain marauders and shadowslain blackscale bruisers. Plus, one of the bruisers looked particularly nasty, wielding a giant black sword and wearing plate armor. Silas decided it best to backtrack to the secret exit and see if there was an alternate route.

Meanwhile, just on the other side of the mob of undead lizardfolk sat three prisoners in their crude and functionally insufficient cells. Snowden, the githyanki summoner; Jules, the half elf paladin; and Arachne, the drow druid (or drowid, some would say). They had long since given up punching and blasting their way through the cell doors, only to be beaten down by the horde of undead waiting on the other side. Sure they'd take a few with them, but they were sure they'd loose for good eventually. They sat discussing their next plan when there came a hushed call from outside the warren.

Silas had overheard their conversation and began questioning the captives, whom promptly started pleading for the spell-thief's assistance. Silas told them all to shut-up and sit tight, and snuck away to find another entrance. Arachne, however, then noticed that there was a hole in the otherwise solid mud and vine walls of the warren's walls, through which Silas was speaking to them. Using her unique wild shape power, bred in the depths of the underdark, she turned herself into a swarm of spiders and crawled right through the hole. Jules and Snowden could only watch in disbelief as the drow made good her escape. One on the other side, Arachne returned to her humanoid form and told the remaining prisoners that she would get help (with just a hint of drow superiority in her tone). Without her gear she found herself unable to aid her prison-mates alone.

Silas was just on his way back from scouting the final room, when he came across the pondering dark elf. The spell-thief was surprised, but decided to get back to the rest of the PCs before confronting her. Once back at with the rest of the group he relayed the information he'd gathered. The number of enemies in the last room the thief had scouted concerned the group, but the prospect of potential allies within the warren helped them formulate a plan. Following the spell-thief, they came upon the drowid, still contemplating her next move.

After some tentative introductions, the PCs decided to take Archne along and help her rescue her fellow prisoners. With Silas' recon they were able to get the drop on the undead lizardfolk and plant-like creatures. With their guards distracted, Snowden and Jules were able to break their way through the thatched door of their cell and aid the group. Even without their gear they managed a great show of force, casting without implements, and using exploits with their bare hands. Even with the appearance of a shambling mound, the group and their new allies were able to overcome the threat. Silas had come cross their gear (and a few other goodies) in his search but was rather snide about returning them to their rightful owners. Eventually, after a threat from the tiefling, the spell-thief acquiesced. If not out of simple practicality, then out of respect for his occasional partner in crime.

Once Snowden Jules and Arachne had their gear the group was ready to tackle the next room. And thats exactly what they did. Getting the drop on their enemies yet again, they locked-down any and all potential threats. Even the massive undead blackscale wielding a giant sword of black energy was no match for the spells of the two wizards and one artificer and the absurd amount of radiant damage output from the paladins cleric and deva. Silas kept to the shadows, picking-off foes low on health, while Aenin rushed in with his giant sword. Arachne bent the will of the swamp to her own and used the shadowy nature of the realm against its inhabitants. The undead blackscale and his cronies eventually fell, and the group searched the room for anything useful. On the larger than average blackscale, they found an impressive spear that glittered with Iokharik runes. Their pale blue glow flitted up and down its white haft, changing as they moved. Those in the party whom spoke draconic recognized the glyphs for what they were; the spear was talking to them. Perchivak picked up the weapon and after a few moments determined that it possesed the mind of a young white dragon. The group called for its destruction or suggested selling it in the next town, but the dragonborn paladin could tell that it was not inherently evil, just kind of stupid and bloodthirsty. So he decided to hang on to it for now.

With the Shadowscale Warren cleared-out and the prisoners freed. The group contemplated their next move.

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