Session 04/04

Eighteenth of Eleasias, 1374 DR

Having enjoyed the hospitality of Berask Trameldor and his daughter. The group decided to sell what loot they could in Relkath's Foot and then make all haste for Velprintilar. Ozimander accompanied them on their trip. Like Silas, he had a report to give at the palace as well. The trip was uneventful if not stormy and they arrived in Velprintilar on the 6th day.

Twenty Sixth of Eleasias, 1374 DR

The thriving metropolis was more than some of the PCs had ever seen (just Aenin, really). They were able to find many buyers for the remainder of their loot and many of the items they were looking for, themselves. Silas and Oz reported to Griffonheight Keep to speak with their commanding officer; Hovor Seawind. They discovered he was in a meeting with the steward at the palace, so they followed the detour. They found Hovor in steward Hamastyl's office. The two half-elven authority figures welcomed Oz and Silas and bade them to give their report. Silas turned over the Grail of Shargrailar and began to give his 'see yas' and 'laters', but apparently steward Hamastyl felt his duty to Aglarond was not yet over. Silas could have become a free agent, though he would have had to pay for the equipment he was issued (cloak of elvenkind) and turn over his badge (simbulmyn sigil ring). Silas decided, then, to stay on as a full agent (the perks were just too cool) and Hovor ordered him to go and drill with the other soldiers at the barracks.

Meanwhile, Helios Aenin and Percival made their way to the shrine of Mystra. Helios had findings to report to Lady Varda, the head priestess. Helios was sent to Two Stars to inspect the new Thayan Enclave and discover what he could of it (prices, wares, services, etc…). Having spent a few tendays on the road with Khalia, he was able to discuss these issues with her at length. So his report was quite detailed and to Lady Varda's satisfaction. Helios also detailed the vision he had after their quest into the ruined temple of Marduk. Lady Varda reacted as if she'd heard the vision before and told Helios as much. A priestess, Lady Levitas, from the Temple of the Four Moons (Selune) was rumored to have had a similar vision. The head priestess suggested that Helios seek her out as soon as possible. Before leaving, the mage asked if there were any promising young clerics he could tutor on his journeys. But, the shrine was short staffed, and Lady Varda suggested he try the College of the Art at the Palace, instead. Once on the street, Helios decided to head for the college and Percival and Aenin could wait no longer and decided to spend the small fortunes they'd accumulated.

Back at Griffonheight Keep, Silas was getting reacquainted with basic drilling when Ozimander approached him and told him of his new assignment. Silas was to follow the PCs he had recently befriended. As it happened; when Oz found out that Nimmik was a Red Wizard's apprentice he decided that his activity could not go unchecked while in Aglarond. The PCs would more than likely make contact with him again and (Hovor and Nerrol share this opinion) he wants an agent to keep tabs on things. So Silas was spared the drudgery of drilling and he decided to revisit an old haunt; the local dive. Oz accompanied Silas and they were halfway through their first pint when a familiar voice sounded beside the spellthief, "Whos this, then? Issat… naw it couldn't be.. Issat, Pick?"
Silas turned to see the all too familiar face of his old friend/rival, Ducky. And, casting a shadow over a good portion of the bar, was his ever present lackey, Garm. Elleryn "Ducky" Dukat and his gray orc bodyguard, Garm. had a lot of catching-up to do with old Pick. And, as it so happened, they had a job in mind to share with their old friend. A darkly serious man, by the name of Vincent, had hired the pair for a bullying, smash-and-grab job. A simple task with a big payoff. They needed one more man, and Silas was just the man for it. After a bit of convincing (and Oz pretending not to hear anything), Silas acquiesced. They were to meet Vincent at 6 bells in another bar on the eastern end. Ducky and Garm left the dive just as Aenin and Percival entered. They regrouped and headed out for the shops.

What followed was a cross-town bonanza of shopping and selling that lasted the better part of the day.

Around 6 bells Aenin and Percival decided to head to the local temple of Selune to try and sell the magic chainmail and warhammer they found in the ruined temple. The head priestess was quite elated to see the symbol of Marduk emblazoned on the relics and even more interested in the fact that a ruin of one of Marduk's temples was found in the Yuirwood. She gladly paid for the items. Helios, having just arrived there from the College of the Art, asked if Lady Levitas was on the premises. The head priestess hadn't seen her in the past 24 hours which was not uncommon. So the trio took to the streets to see if they could track her down.

Meanwhile, Silas headed to the pub at the east end to meet Vincent. Ducky and Garm, having already arrived, were well into their first pint. Vincent arrived at 6 bells sharp. He stood quite short in the doorway but the patrons gave him a wide berth. The dark and brooding figure sat at the table and gave Silas a sharply appraising look. He asked if Silas was up for it, made his offer, handed over the initial funds and the plan, and was back out the door. Silas Ducky and Garm were to arrive at the lillend fountain in the city park just before midnight. They were to take up position in the surrounding wood just off the path leading to the cul de sac with the fountain.

Helios Aenin and Percival had little luck initially, trying to track down Lady Levitas. They got word that she was spotted at a local cafe earlier that day. Once there, they found a serving girl that recalled seeing the priestess. According to her; Levitas sat in a booth with a darkly handsome man. They talked for a while had one glass of coffee each and left shortly after. Other than that her information wasn't of much help. Back on the street the trio was approached by a young girl with a note which read- "Meet me at the Lillend Fountain in the park at midnight. I understand the vision -Levitas." With a definite lead they decided to take a rest before heading to the park later that day.

The trio entered the cul de sac shortly after Silas and his friends had taken their positions. Levitas and a pair of guards were standing at the fountain. She was sitting on the ledge with one had playing in the water. This was starting to look extremely fishy to the spellthief. In hushed tones he told Ducky and Garm that he knew the men approaching the fountain and not to attack. Ducky seemed to mull that info over while Garm waited on pins for his boss' call.


As the PCs approached the priestess she turned and smiled serenely, then uttered the most foul, evil words the PCs had ever heard (Dark Speech). They shook Aenin to his core, but the others were lucky enough to ward off the effect. At that same moment an arrow streaked down from the lillend statue in the fountain straight toward Helios. Thankfully, it glanced off of his shield spell, and a soft curse was heard from the statue. The two "guards" beside Levitas advanced on the party, hacking with battle axes. The PCs were doing fairly well against the onslaught in the coming rounds, Helios even managed to dodge some surprise arrow shots from the surrounding woods. Aenin and Percival were taxing "Levitas" hard (scoring many natural 20s), when she uttered another dark word of power and all three of the PCs felt some of their very life force leave them and flow into her (Profane Lifeleech). Silas made his way out of his position in the woods to take a shot at the evil "priestess" but his arrows were deflected by her wards. The figure in the statue climbed down stealthily and tried to get a sneak attack on Aenin, but the fighter saw it coming and deflected the blow. The following round, as Aenin was pursuing her into the fountain, she summoned an ogre zombie out of thin air, interposing it between herself and the warblade. With a massive blow the tainted ogre struck Aenin square in the ribs. Garm finally acted, rushing out of the woods to slice one of the "guards" in two with Ducky right behind him. Another ogre zombie arrived the next round, making things very difficult for Aenin. Percival and the unexpected help continued to thrash on the guards who were obviously some type of undead and the ogre zombies, when more figures rushed in from the surrounding trees; Kenku sneaks charged in to attack the party and attempted to move into flanking positions. The figure from the statue, who could now be identified as Vincent, tumbled around to the far side of the fountain and gave a call in a strange raspy language. The Kenkus seemed to take a cue from this and took up defensive stances. It appeared as if the threat was being routed, when yet another figure appeared out of nowhere; a tall man in a suite of dark red full plate carrying a greatsword in one hand. The man pointed at one of the ogre zombies and a bolt of lightning lanced down from the sky to strike it. At the same moment rushing footsteps could be hear approaching from the entry and one of the Kenku's was laid low by a charging head-butt from another newcomer.: she wore a suit of chainmail and was carrying a warhammer and a large spiked steel shield.

Vincent was startled by the sudden appearance of a murder of crows, surrounding him and pecking at his eyes. A dark and blurry figure appeared shortly after the crows, walking calmly into the cul de sac from the path. The Kenkus and Vincent had had enough, and with a short raspy call they withdrew. "Levitas" followed suit, leaving her summoned ogres to finish whomever they could. The undead hulks didn't last long, however, and the threat was stifled. The PCs were wary of the newcomers, unsure if they were friend of foe, until the dark out-of-focus figure spoke and approached. It was Nimmik. He and his comrades had been waiting for the PCs in Velprintilar for a tenday. He explained that in their search for the group they had encountered another "interested party" intent on the PCs demise. They laid low and awaited the opportune moment to rout the Sharrans. Nimmik presented the PCs with the rest of their payment from Maercus, along with some new gifts (bracer of dexterity for Aenin, a magical helmet for Percival, and an ioun stone for Helios). He also explained that the Sharrans were most likely after the group because Helios had been carrying the Karse Stone the entire time (thanks to some clever illusion magic on Nimmik's part). Maercus had determined it would be safer if it stayed in the groups' possession.

During these explanations, Ducky and Garm were silently slipping toward the exit. Silas called after Ducky and asked for the rest of his payment, but the slippery Ducky made his excuses and beat a hasty retreat along with Garm. Nimmik went on to explain that the lady Levitas they encountered here was not the real one, and that the real one would most likely be dead. He also introduced Lux and Davo to the group.

Silas, seeing a need to leave, did so. He made haste to Griffonheight Keep and the room of Hovor Seawind. The Captain was none too please to see the spellthief this time of the night, however, Silas's announcement that Sharrans were in the city certainly piqued Hovor's interest. He told Silas to head to the Temple of the Four Moons and explain everything to the head priestess. A divination would be needed to find the real Levitas which could also lead to the Sharran's base of operation…

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