Session 03 19 10

The PCs snapped into action; launching their artillery at the wraiths first to thin their ranks. Once they'd dispensed with most of the incorporeal undead, they focused on the dragon, locking it down with status effects. The dragon was hardier than that and countered with some burst effects and a life draining effect that was wasted on the necrotic resistant Perchivak. Aenin couldn't seem to get close enough to do any damage, so, calling on the power of the Raven Queen he used his Bond of Censure, pulling the dragon from the air to within a breath of the surface of the water. With a burst of action he leapt atop the vicious beast to strike at it again. The rest of the group managed to get in a few more hits before the dragon ascended once more with Aenin on his back. The beast tried to spin around and grab the revenant avenger, but he dodged the attempt. More attacks from the PCs whittled away at the dragon's copious resolve but once it was ready to make his next attack, this time he managed to grab the avenger. He then promptly dove into the murky waters of the shadow swamp. Aenin wasn't sure if he could hold his breath longer, being somewhat undead, but after a few moments of feeling the water pressure and the vise-like grip of the blight dragon, he was quite sure he was still capable of drowning. Salvation came from the boat above as Niall was able to spot the beast in the murky depths. Nimmik then summoned a fiery warrior into the waters beside the dragon. Unfortunately the blight dragon was resistant to fire effects and took little damage. Silas fired off a shot but the waters deflected the arrow. Nathaniel, however, proved much more effective; popping the blight dragon's head with a Lance of Faith. Aenin was then free to swim to the surface.

Once the revenant back on the boat Nathaniel healed what little wounds were suffered as Helios steered the skiff back on course.

After hours of travel, following the eerie purple beacons, they came to their destination; a massive mound of mud and brambles. Silas postulated that it must have been the shadowscale warren DeeDee had mentioned. If that were true, there would be prisoners inside that needed rescuing. Taking point, the spell-thief scoped for an entrance. Almost immediately, he found a thatched door flanked by a pair of sputtering torches. After relaying this to the group they decided to sneak in and see what they would be up against. Nimmik offered to send Naberius, his quasit familiar, into the warren invisibly. The shadowy little winged beast hopped from the tiefling's shoulder and fluttered toward the door, disappearing from sight as he did so. The door moved slightly and there was silence for a few moments as Nimmik concentrated on maintaining his familiar's invisibility. Naberius reappeared after a few minutes and perched on the tiefling's shoulder to whisper in his ear excitedly. It had seen a handfull of large lizards and a couple of the larger lizards, plus a very big moving plant. Nimmik relayed the info to the rest of the PCs and they decided to sneak in and lay an ambush, locking down any large threats. Silas and Nimmik snuck in (Silas with his skillful stealth and Nimmik with an Invisibility spell) with the rest of the group waiting in the entrance out of the lizard-folks' line of sight. They discovered, once inside the tight confines of the mound, that if they moved to quickly through the narrow passages they risked getting lacerated by the wickedly sharp thorns lining the walls.

After the tiefling and the shadar-kai were in position they loosed their attack; Nimmik tried to catch as many targets as he could within the area of his Horrid Whispers, and Silas fired a shot, point blank, into the face of one of the shadowslain blackscale bruisers. The ensuing battle was over pretty fast and the PCs took more damage from the thorn-lined walls than from the enemies. The living plant caused a bit of trouble, but Nimmik torched it with a Burning Hands. The undead lizards had nothing of interest on their corpses, so Silas decided to scout ahead.

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