Session 02/29

Having retrieved the portal key and treasure from the mausoleum, the party made their way back to the portal tower. Just as they passed through the bridge nexus a group of the orcs and hobgoblins, led by Thraka, grabbed Duladora and demanded the PCs give up their loot and the portal key. Duladora, though outwardly timid, was not to be trifled with. Using the silvered kukri given to her by Oz, she stabbed Thraka right in the kidney. He released her long enough for her to break free and the PCs unloaded on the treacherous half-orc and his crew. Aenin saw an opening and ran in to use his Iajutsu Focus on the off-guard Thraka. And as a result Thraka lost his head. The rest of the orcs and hobgoblins were easy pickings, including the runehound which was still wounded. An easy victory, and the goblinoids had conveniently the rest of the swag with them, packed in barrels and crates.


They then turned their attention on the portal tower. Upon entering they found a small hallway ending at the base of a tall circular shaft. The walls of this level were thick opaque glass. Aenin, taking a chance, stepped into the base of the shaft only to be lifted by four small air elementals and carried to the floor above. The rest of the party followed suit and soon they were all in a foyer with hallways on either side, curving off at 45 degree angles. At the entrance to both of these hallways was a statue of an elven figure. The western statue was that of a sagely looking old male elf, while the eastern statue depicted a young zealous looking female elf. Duladora and Oz recognized them immediately from elven folklore. It appeared that the "old sage" was viewed as a traitor to the star elves while the "capricious youth" was seen as a martyr. Figuring this to be some sort of test or puzzle, the group took the eastern hallway. This path curved with the contours of the tower pulling a 180, putting the PC in front of another door. As Silas was about to check it for traps they heard was sounded like a group of people approaching from behind. They turned to see the rest of the goblinoids (those that didn't attack them at the nexus) led by Flick. The thorn explained that he knew Thraka would try something funny and decided not to be party to it. He and the other orcs and hobgoblins with him just wanted to leave. The group grew once again (to the DMs dismay). Silas turned his attention back to the door and searched for traps and, for once, there was one. It appeared to be a magical trap (chain lightning), but Silas disabled it easily and the party moved on up the stairs beyond. The orcs and hobgoblins stayed behind in the hallway along with the grizzly, but Flick followed the party.

The stairs led up to a platform surrounded by a recess. On the platform was a small replica of the stone circle through which the group entered the Night Realm (this place), but it was missing a couple cross-pieces. There was also a podium with a small hole in its center. In the recess surrounding the platform were tens of slabs of glass blocks like the ones composing the replica. Overhead, the ceiling was a transparent dome of glass that allowed a magnificent view of the entire realm. The group inspected the circle and the podium and discovered that they needed to insert the key into the hole. When they did that the topaz tip of the key glowed brightly and sent a beam of energy straight up to the center of the dome. Two large arms, composed of the same brilliant energy, lifted two of the blocks in the recess into place on the replica. Before the group could see what this accomplished they were attacked by winged beasts. Though they didn't do much damage initially they proved quite hardy and vicious. Duladora fell under their assault and Oz went berserk. Helios felt a presence intrude in his mind and command his actions. Luckily, it told him to "go back down the stairs" while an ally was injured, which was against his normal persona and gave him another save, a successful save. Shaking-off the domination, Helios rushed to Duladora's side to administer healing. Meanwhile the Yochlol made its presence known, clinging to the top of the domed ceiling. She cast web on the platform wich disabled some of the party but all of the darkenbeasts. Aenin took aim with his crossbow and plugged the ugly demon in one of its eight eyes (natural 20 + natural 20 to confirm + a confirm = X4 damage!). A hefty hit that took quite a bit of its HP regardless of DR. Silas took the thorn's suggestion and used cold iron arrows against the demon ignoring its DR. Haspar used his wand of Melf's acid arrow which ate away at the Yochlol until she dropped from the ceiling and dissolved into nothingness. The darkenbeasts were given the coup de grace since they were still stuck in the web. Silas climbed down to inspect the remains of the vanquished Yochlol and take what loot was left (a couple scrolls, a potion, a hat that gave off a magical aura, and a very nice suit of chainmail). Through the glass dome the party noticed that the stone circle through which they entered was glowing faintly. They took this as a good sign and headed out. In the hallway they discovered the group of orcs and hobgoblns were killed, covered in thick strands of webbing. The grizzly was cowering in the opposite hallway, obviously injured. It appeared the Yochlol had been busy before she fought the PCs. So the group, with Flick and the grizzly in tow, made their way to the circle and out of the Night Realm.

Tenth of Eleasias, 1374 DR

Once returned to the Yuirwood. Haspar and Flick took their leave. The grizzly, however, was intent to stay with Oz. The thorn warned the group that if next they met he would not be the least bit kind, and stormed off. The group traveled then to Relkath's Foot with Duladora and Oz. The trip was uneventful (DM didn't feel like rolling random encounters) and they arrived in Relkath's Foot. The forest city was comprised of many terrestrial buildings but the main "downtown" area was suspended amongst large ancient central trees. It was in one of these central buildings that house Trameldor sat. The group was greeted by the servants of the house and eventually led to a back study where Lord Trameldor greeted and rewarded the group. A feast was held that evening in the PCs honor. Helios excused himself early to visit the shrine of Corellon Larethian and met a most unfriendly (yet not overtly hostile) green elf mage. Aenin encountered the person responsible for training the spectral panther the group found in the ruined temple and made plans to visit the next day. The feast was quite good, though Lord Trameldor looked fairly distraught; Duladora was cozying-up to Ozimander in a very obvious way, and she made her intentions known to begin training as a ranger. The group made plans to travel to Velprintilar very soon…

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