Session 02/09

Once the group decided on a course of action they headed out for the northeastern tower. On they way, they encountered a small group of haggard looking hobgoblins and orcs from the southeastern tower. It appeared as if they had been routed by the shadows and wraith in the tower, having suffered many losses. And those losses were raised again as more shadows and wraiths. The group entered the tower with the small contingent of goblinoids. In the first chamber they found the thorn waiting with his grizzly bear, both looking less than friendly. Flick, the thorn, was very unhappy at the prospect of accepting help from "humans and filthy elves". Ozimander attempted to parlay with the small fey, but made little headway. He did however manage to sway the grizzly, to the thorn's dismay. So Flick begrudgingly acquiesced. The next chamber was the large lightless foyer where the party initially encountered the undead shadows. And, sure enough, halfway through the chamber the shadows erupted from the floor to attack the PCs. After some clutzy attacks and many points of strength drained, the group defeated the shadows, only to be ambushed by a duo of wraiths. A few rounds later and a close call with Duladora (avoided thanks to Haspar), the PCs had vanquished the undead. They continued to the far tower.

Upon reaching the Northeastern Tower, they were greeted by a hobgoblin spearman and the runehound. One of the orc archers from the previous tower went inside to speak with Thraka while the rest of the group waited in the entrance. After a few moments the doors opened to admit the PCs entry. Meanwhile, Haspar blended in with the moving party and disappeared from sight. The group spoke with Thraka while Haspar moved into position. After a minute or two Haspar cast protection from evil on the half-orc leader and quickly went invisible again. The party explained to the now-undominated Thraka what had transpired. Thraka seemed a bit out-of-it but offered the aid of his group to take down the Yochlol and her minions. The ever growing group made its way down into the bowels of the tower to face Savera. They found her waiting for them in the library. Thraka arranged his group for battle and was quickly beset by taers dropping from the ceiling-high bookshelves. After some furious rounds of taer bashing and enduring their foul smell, the group lost sight of Savera. At the far end of the room near the stairway a bugbear zombie appeared out of nowhere to block the fleeing Savera from the stairs. At that same moment, Flick appeared near the fleeing Yochlol, stabbing her in the leg. The demon quickly transformed into a large spider and fled down the stairs. The group pursued but couldn't locate her. They did, however, find a room full of nice swag. And Silas found something that he wasn't quite ready to share with the rest of the group; another portal key. Everyone decided to rest a bit, having endured the draining attacks of the shadows and wraiths.

After a days rest and tense watches for the Yochlol, they moved on to the northwestern tower. As predicted by Haspar, they encountered the strange crystal golem on the bridge. A tough opponent, but no match for brute, blunt force, the Shardcaster fell. After reaching the door of the tower, they realized they needed to retrieve the (other) portal key and treasure from the southwestern tower…

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