"Bow before the might of the Spider Queen!"

Savera to all appearances looked like a male half-orc sorcerer. However, she was much more than that.
In reality Savera was a Yochlol using a hat of disguise to appear as a half-orc.
She arrived in the Night Realm leading a small group of taers. It was her intent to use the small demiplane and its network of keyed portal menhirs to amass an army and transport it anywhere in Faerun for conquest. Savera challenged the then current leader of the orc army camped in the Night Realm; Tolg'by'ri, a nilshai sorcerer. Savera defeated the nilshai single handedly and assumed control of the orcs. To strengthen her hold on them, she dominated their captain, Thraka. When Duladora stumbled into the demiplane, Savera captured her and had intended to sacrifice her to Llolth.

The PCs uncovered Savera's tangled web (harhar) rescued Duladora and finally defeated the Yochlol. However, being a demon, Savera won't remain defeated forever…

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