"My-my! What is that smell. Either you humans abstain from regular bathing or you have a fairly potent item among your belongings…"

Pollux (as he has asked to be called) is an adult copper dragon living in a section of the ruined temple of Marduk in the Tannath Mountains. Still relatively young and new to his home, Pollux was unaware that, hidden behind a rock formation, was a two-way teleportation circle to the temple proper. It was through this circle that the PCs stumbled upon Pollux's home.
The dragon was initially cautious of the PCs arrival but, after seeing that they meant no harm, he became quite helpful and curious. He sensed the powerful magical aura that the Karse Stone was emanating and accurately determined it's legend for the group. He even went as far as to fly each of the PCs to the base of the mountain.
Once the group had departed, Pollux hastened to inspect the new addition to his home.

The month and a half proceeding the PCs jaunt through the temple saw many changes for Pollux. The Church of Selune from Velprintilar has since begun moving into the forgotten temple of Marduk. Initially, Pollux had avoided any contact with the clerics. But after seeing their intentions, he has revealed himself and is aiding in their efforts to restore the temple. Pollux is still hesitant to share his home with the Selunites, but they are thoroughly kind and accommodating. With their hospitality he won't have to worry about his lair being raided. Plus, being paid for protecting the temple and its inhabitants certainly appeals to the curious copper dragon.

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