Ozimander Duskwood

"I wouldn't eat any more of that, were I you; its poison ivy…"
-Ozimander Duskwood

Ozimander (CG half elf Ranger lvl 4, Rogue lvl 2) is one of the many half-elves living in Aglarond. Oz is a bit of a novice when it comes to adventuring, having spent the majority of his time in the service of Relkath's Foot as a guard. Oz was sent forth from Relkath's Foot to search for a missing noblewoman, Duladora Trameldor. It was during this search that he met the PCs in Emmech. The Group hired him to assist with locating the Hidden Tomb and in return aid Oz in his search for Duladora. He has one known sibling, Handeera Greenhaven, his half sister (on his father's side) who is full star-elf (star-elf Druid lvl 8). She is also in service to Relkath's Foot and the Yuirwood.

Since his return from the Twilight Tomb with the erstwhile Duladora, the two have become almost inseparable. Much to Lord Berask's chagrin. Oz has been spending his time teaching the Trameldor heiress the ways of the wood, patrolling the forest around Glarondar. He has since discovered the smoking ruins of the menhir that had transported him and the PCs to the Twilight Tomb. Apparently, the star elf high mages had sensed its activity and thought it best to destroy it. Whether another route to the pocket realm exists remains to be seen.

Handeera has seen her little brother's progress and is quite proud. She, with the permission of the other druids, has given Oz one of the snow-white dire wolves (named Agro) they use for mounts. Ozimander has also found the companionship of a hawk that he has named Alexi. The grizzly bear he had befriended from the thorn has since taken to protecting Relkath's Foot and is spending less and less time with the ranger.

Oz has been in talks with Lady Mantelia Parsuns about the revivification of Mesring. The ruins had been uninhabited since 1033 DR during the battles between the green elves and human settlers. He has plans to create a haven for the protectors of the wood (primarily rangers) that would also serve as a watch-post and farming villa. Oz hopes to have his sister and her fellow druids aid in extending the borders of the Yuirwood to encompass Mesring. A long-term goal, to be sure.

Since telling Lord Berask of his plans, the council leader has looked at Oz under a new light. He no longer sees him as a flighty adventurer with no prospects and has softened considerably about Duladora's infatuation with the ranger.

Oz stands 6' even and appears exceptionally strong and limber. His hair is silvery white which he keeps close-cut. He sports a broad thin mustache and goatee to match, making him look much older than he is.

Ozimander Duskwood, male Half-Elf (Star) Ranger lvl 4, Rogue lvl 2
HD: 4d8+12 plus 2d6+6 HP: 53

STR:18, DEX:18, CON:16, INT:14, WIS:16, CHA:15


  • Climb+7
  • Craft-Herbalism+5
  • Diplomacy+5
  • Disable Device+9
  • Gather Information+5
  • Handle Animal+9
  • Heal+6
  • Hide+11
  • Jump+7
  • Knowledge-Dungeon+4
  • Knowledge-Geography+4
  • Knowledge-Local+4
  • Knowledge-Natue+5
  • Listen+6
  • Move Silently+11
  • Open Lock+10
  • Profession-Herbalist+4
  • Ride-Dire Wolf+11
  • Ride-Horse+9
  • Search+5
  • Spot+6
  • Survival+9
  • Swim-11 (+6 unarmored and unencumbered)
  • Tumble+7
  • Use Rope+5

Languages: Common, Elven, Aglorondan, Sylvan, Draconic, Orc

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot*, Forester#, Precise Shot*, Endurance*, Track*, Deadeye Shot
(*bonus feat, # regional feat)

Racial/Class Abilities: 1st Favored Enemy- Undead; +4 dmg and skill rolls, 2nd Favored Enemy- Aberrations; +2 dmg and skill rolls, Wild Empathy +8 (+4 for magical beasts), Combat Style- Archery (free Rapid Shot and Precise Shot feats), Free Endurance feat, Free Track feat, Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding +1, Spells, Immune to magic sleep effects, +2 on saves vs. Enchantment school effects, Low Light Vision, +1 on Listen Search and Spot, Chance to spot secret doors within 5', +2 on Diplomacy and Gather Information, Elven Blood

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