Nimmik Sarlaeozar

-Nimmik Sarlaeozar

Adaptive and curious, but he always feels out of his element.
Nimmik began his young adult life as a scrivener in Eltabbar, the heart of Thay. He displayed great artistic ability, but when he came across a page of arcane scribblings, he discovered a new talent; magic. His family did what any other Thayan family did whom had a child gifted in the Art, they let the Red Wizards take him. It was not Nimmik's grand idea to be tossed in amongst the bloodthirsty ranks of the Red Wizards of Thay, but he had little choice in the matter. He didn't share the same cruel and contemptuous vein of his peers. Though he knew to fake it when he needed to. Thus, Nimmik became quite good in the arts of deception and Illusion magic. And in this, luck shone on him for once; when it came time for the masters to choose their apprentices, the attending master of Illusion that day was Maercus Brand. Maercus had a reputation of great power and great mercy. He was most known for establishing the very first Thayan Enclave in Telflamm and flouting the common stigmas of Red Wizards. Maercus saw something different in Nimmik, perhaps a sense of justice or simple prodigy. In any case, Nimmik was apprenticed to Maercus of the Masks.
His life of apprentice-ship was the most enjoyable he'd had yet. He learned much under the tutelage of Master Maercus. And his move to Telflamm was not unwelcome, as it was a step up from Eltabbar in his opinion. Nimmik was content to spend his days learning practicing and experimenting with the Art. Maercus's ties with a mysterious cult brought Nimmik into contact with practitioners of Pact magic and, of course, he was curious to learn what he could of this strange art. However, when the PCs arrived in Telflamm as an escort to Khalia, a high ranking Thayan ambassador, his life changed before he even knew it.
The PCs were hired by Maercus to retrieve an item from a Hidden Temple in the Yuirwood in Aglarond. Then, to Nimmik's surprise, Maercus sent him along to help and keep an eye on his investment. Going to the heart of Aglarond did not appeal to Nimmik in the least, seeing as the Simbul, ruler of Velprintilar, had a history of killing Red Wizards on sight. Even though he wasn't technically a Red Wizard yet, Nimmik still felt sick to his stomach about the whole prospect.
The trip scheduled to Velprintilar was equally ominous, and the trip itself was daunting to say the least. And in the end their destination was unexpectedly circumvented for Emmech. Prying eyes called for extreme action and Nimmik decided to try one of the Binding rituals in the small tome he was given. This proved an easy and powerful method of spellcasting that complimented his own Art quite well. Having made a pact with Naberius, Nimmik easily gave their tail the slip while the group moved on to the Hidden Temple. He met-up with the group shortly thereafter, garnering whatever information he could from the townspeople of Emmech about the location of the Temple. Adventuring was beginning to grow on Nimmik at this point and when he saw the multitude of gossamer strands of shadowstuff hanging from the walls of the temple, he was beginning to see the profitability of it all. Once he had his quarry to bring back to his master (a fragment of the Karse Stone), he was anxious to return. He bade the PCs good luck and, using a scroll, teleported back to Telflamm.
His report to Maercus was met with great interest and aplomb. His master decided the group was most effective and would most certainly come in handy in the future. In the mean time, Nimmik took the opportunity to research more into the shadowstuff found in the Temple, the Binding magic he'd been practicing, and his own Illusion craft.

A recent foray into a false temple of Mystra in Wheloon ended in near disaster for the apprentice. Using the karse stone, he attempted to destroy the shadow gate located in the temple basement. While he was successful, it was only because of a contingency that was placed on him that he survived. The ordeal caused a great deal of damage to his psyche and he lost all knowledge pertaining to Pact Magic. However, the vestige to which he was bound during his near-death experience has been stuck with Nimmik ever since, and he can't seem to shake him. Naberius has set up permanent residence next to the apprentice's essence. The contingency had carried him away to Khalia's side. The ambassador was in Sembia at the time, and conducting a rather intimate liaison when Nimmik's smoking form crashed onto the bed. After some attention from the cleric in Khalia's entourage, some re-equipping, and finally receiving his rights as a fully fledged Red Wizard, Nimmik prepared to rejoin the PCs.

Nimmik Sarlaeozar appears as a young man with a completely hairless head and body. He has elaborate tattoos of fire eels and centipedes encircling his head and neck. Most of the PCs tower over his 5'7" frame, but he carries himself with a noble's authority. His eyes are deep green and project a sharp intelligence. His hair (when grown out) is raven black. His skin is a paler hue due to his Mulan ancestry. Nimmik's constant companion is his familiar; a tiny monstrous centipede. He often wears dark red robes under his cloak of the fire bath and uses Naberius' disguise self ability to appear however he needs to. Nimmik also employs the use of shadow mask and ebon eyes when adventuring, making his face impossible to see and giving him a grim look.

Recently, Nimmik underwent a drastic racial transformation. Whether it was a side-effect of destroying the Shadow Gate in the false Temple of Mystra, or simply because he'd carried the unstable artifact, the Karse Stone for so long, Nimmik transformed into a tiefling. The young wizard is still growing accustomed to his new appearance and abilities, but one thing is for certain; Naberius, his parasitic vestige, had a large part to play in it all. Nimmik's centipede familiar, Ren, also went through a drastic change, into that of a shadow quasit with canine features. The familiar now only answers to the name of Nimmik's former vestige; Naberius.


Unaligned Male, Tiefling. Wizard lvl 7 (multiclass Warlock)
48 hp Bloodied 24, Healing Surges/Day 8 (12hp)
Speed: 6
Initiative: +6
Resist: Fire 10 (+2 from book imp familiar)

STR-10, DEX-16, CON-18, INT-21, WIS-18, CHA-14

AC: 20, Fortitude: 20, Reflex: 21, Will: 22

At-Will- Phantom Bolt, Thunderwave

Encounter- Hellish Rebuke, Fiery Bolt, Burning Hands, Fire Burst

Utility- Shield, Invisibility, Disguise Self, Mystical Debris

Daily- Horrid Whispers, Phantasmal Assailant, Bigby's Icy Grasp, Sleep

Rituals: Tenser's Floating Disk, Brew Potion, Enchant Magic Item, Disenchant Magic Item, Hallucinatory Item, Phantom Steed

Arcane Familiar: "Naberius"- Book Imp (speed 5, fly 6 [hover]); Constant Benefits- +2 to Arcana and History, Read and Speak Infernal, Fire Resist +2; Active Benefits- Minor Action to turn Naberius invisibile until the end of Nimmik's next turn.

Arcana+15, Bluff+15, History+15, Insight+7, Nature+12, Perception+7, Religion+15, Stealth+11

Languages: Abyssal, Supernal, Common, Loross*

Feats: Pact Initiate, Arcane Familiar, Novice Power, Hellfire Arcanist, Ritual Casting*

Racial and Class Abilities: Implement Mastery- Orb of Deception, Cantrips, Ritual Casting, Spellbook, Infernal Wrath, Bloodhunt, Low-light Vision, Resist Fire 8

Nimmik's Inventory

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