"I want my chance against the forces of shadow. Please, take me with you. Mother Mystra's blessings empower me."
- Starweaver Nathaniel

Nathaniel was raised his whole life amongst the clergy within the Tower of Knowledge in Saerloon. His parents were killed by the infamous serial killer; Jack Strumpet. Or, at least, that is the story of the prostitute who witnessed the whole ordeal and managed to bring baby Nathaniel to the Tower. He has known very little of life outside the secure walls of the Tower, but exudes a wisdom beyond his experience. Nathan wishes to find the murderous wretch that took his parents from him, but his vengeance is tempered by prudence. If vindication truly lay in his path, Mother Mystra will provide. And, in truth, Mystra is the only mother Nathan has known.

Nathaniel travels with the PCs hoping to prove his mettle against the minions of Shar. He begged to go along with Helios after the Mystic Theurge briefly visited the Tower of Knowledge and recounted his adventures to the council.

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