Mourel Duskwalker

"Your animated corpses will be useful in helping me to finally destroy the star elves."
-Mourel Duskwalker


More than two thousand years ago, star elves lived in the depths of the Yuirwood. Faced with aggressive human coastal settlements along the Wizards' Reach that sought to carve out lands from the ancient forest, the star elves decided to withdraw from Faerun altogether. The elf high mages forged a forestwide network of stone circles and then worked a mighty spell through the standing stones that created a demiplane for the star elves. Once this was done, the great majority of the star elves departed from Faerun for a realm called Sildeyuir.

Sildeyuir is a plane of eldritch beauty, a land of perpetual twilight illuminated by a host of glittering stars. The star elves raised great glass citadels for themselves and live there still, the masters of song magic and lords of the realm.

While Sildeyuir was designed as a realm of quietude and contentment, it had its share of troubles. A star elf named Mourel Duskwalker was one such. Corrupt and hungry for power, Mourel sought dominion over all other star elves. He went so far as to marshal evil forces against the main star elf city in a bid for supreme power in Sildeyuir.

Mourel was eventually defeated. His body and the remnants of his life force were sealed within the glass citadel that served as his home, and then his glass citadel was cut free of Sildeyuir. That same citadel of glass now serves as his tomb, a sepulcher permanently severed from the larger star elf realm.

Unknown to the star elves, Mourel's tomb retained a portal connected to the Yuirwood. The evil nilshai sorcerer Tolg'byri found and activated this entry. Since then, the nilshai had been using the tomb as a base of operations in an effort to gather an army for the conquest of the Sildeyuir. This activity caused the unquiet spirit of Mourel and his servants to be roused against the interlopers. Tolg'byri became a victim of treachery, and the nilshai's fledgling army was taken over by a half-orc sorcerer named Savera, whose true mystery remained a mystery to "his" followers.

Mourel had been executed in his own citadel centuries ago by one of his own servants, forced by the elven high mages. The servant was then summarily destroyed and the citadel was severed from the Sildeyuir. One of Mourel's most trusted apprentices, Kyjal Stardancer, had fallen in the battle to overtake the dark citadel, but he rose again through vile necromancy as a deathlock, a minor undead spellcaster. Another of Mourel's subordinates rose again as a flameskull, and yet another as a bleakborn.

Kyjal found the remains of Mourel and his servant and, through painstaking processes, raised them both as undead; Mourel as a brain in a jar, and the servant as a juju zombie.

In the coming ages, Mourel and his minions snatched anyone or anything unfortunate enough to wander into the Twilight Tomb, transforming them into twisted undead in their servitude. Eventually they had a sizable force of wraiths, shadows, skeletons and zombies. They had even managed to raise a girallon as a juju zombie and hollowed out its chest cavity so that Mourel's jar would fit therein.

Mourel's long term plans included the conquest of the Yuirwood and the Sildeyuir, but the invasion of Tolg'byri and the subsequent interventions of Savera and the PCs ruined those plans and cost him his un-life.

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