Khalia's Spells

Spells Per Day: 5 / 5+1 / 10*+1 / 4+1 / 3+1 / 2+1

DC: 13+spell level, 16+spell level for Transmutation

Commonly Prepared:
0-lvl: detect magic, detect poison, message x2, prestidigitation
1-lvl: greater mage hand, unseen servant, shield, serene visage x2, expeditious retreat*
2-lvl: blindness/deafness*, bull's strength*, owl's wisdom*, eagle's splendor*, bear's endurance*, cat's grace*, alter self*, levitate*, whispering wind* x2, protection from arrows
3-lvl: haste*, fly*, phantom steed, slow*, greater mage armor
4-lvl: Leomund's secure shelter, enlarge person- mass*, stoneskin*, minor globe of invulnerability
5-lvl: call zelekhut, baleful polymorph* x2

spells marked with * are specialist school spells

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