"On behalf of the Thayan Merchants' Collective, I thank you…"

Khalia is a cautious and skilled diplomat in the service of the Red Wizards of Thay. She visits the rulers or ministers of cities and kingdoms and convinces them to allow the Red Wizards to lease a space within their territory to create an enclave. In addition to passionate arguments and negotiations about profits, trade, and friendly relations, she offers gifts to the nobles and leaders she visits - typically magic items useful in supporting an army or guard force. As her people are still held in low regard, she has been forced to flee negotiations that turned sour (her owl familiar was slain during a recent incident).

She prefers to travel in the company of Thayan bodyguards, normally hired from an enclave in a nearby city. Khalia chooses to memorize spells that cause a minimum of damage, to avoid tainting the reputation of the Red Wizards any further should a conflict arise. She replenishes her stores of items from enclaves she visits, using their resources to construct whatever she needs. For her fellows in the enclaves, she brings news from home, letters from other enclaves, and the opportunity to travel.

Khalia has a gentle manner and prefers to avoid arguments despite insults directed at her. Given time and access to an enclave, she can have a large amount of money or magic items at her disposal. She is not averse to using them to acquire the services of others to forward her goals, such as hiring local adventurers to supplement her guards or to petition a noble on her behalf. Extremely intelligent, she knows that she has a lot of work ahead of her and tries to be the most restrained and reasonable Red Wizard anyone might ever meet.

The PCs encountered Khalia in Two Stars, where they helped thwart the evil machinations of a Red Wizard apprentice. She had arrived at the Two Stars' Thayan Enclave just as the PCs were resolving the situation. She was impressed by their efficiency and discretion and decided to hire them as an escort to Telflamm. Whilst stopped in Phsant, Khalia paid a visit to an old friend; Kenji Komura, uncle of Aenin Komura. Kenji asked Khalia to hire his nephew to get him away from the allure of a life of crime in Phsant.

After being successfully chauffeured to Telflamm, Khalia told her superior, Maercus Brand, of the PCs chivalry and suggested his hiring them for an important mission.

Khalia has recently journeyed to Saerloon, Sembia. Her meetings with the merchant lords have gone quite well and it seems only a small mater of time until Saerloon has their own Red Wizard Enclave. One of her more intimate meetings was interrupted by a nearly dead Nimmik having teleported to her side from a contingency spell. Once she recognized who it was she rushed to his aid calling for her clerics (and dismissing her guest). After hearing the story of the apprentices exploits; to the Yuirwood, his time among the karsites, the foray in Aglarond, and the recent situation in Wheloon, she offered her assistance in the form of equipment (most of Nimmik's had been destroyed). Ren, Nimmik's familiar, was almost killed in the attempt to destroy the Shadow Gate. Khalia, having lost her own familiar recently, took the time to make sure that the centipede was truly okay.

Once the apprentice was feeling better, Khalia had the honor of initiating him fully into the Red Wizard cloister, adding more ritual tattoos to Nimmik's already quite graphic pate. Taking note of the change in his personality, Khalia has become quite taken with the young, clandestine Red Wizard, though her station makes it very difficult (and dangerous) to maintain relationships. Whether or not Nimmik shares her feelings is unknown to her.


LN Female, Human (Mulan). Transmuter 6 / Red Wizard 4
10 HD 35 hp (6d4+6 plus 4d4+4)

STR-8, DEX-8, CON-12, INT-17, WIS-15, CHA-14

AC: 9 (ff-9, touch-9, with greater mage armor, shield, and cats grace-21)

Saves: Fort+6, Ref+6, Will+15 (+2 vs Transmutation)


  • Concentration+11
  • Craft- Woodcarving+8
  • Craft- Alchemy+9
  • Diplomacy+8
  • Innuendo+7
  • Knowledge- Nobility/Royalty (Thay)+12
  • Ride (horse)+3
  • Spellcraft+15 (17 for transmutation, 11 for enchantment necromancy or evocation)

Languages: Common, Mulhorandi, Alzhedo, Draconic, Chondathan, Any* (tongues has been made permanent)

Feats: Spellcasting Prodigy- Wizard, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Brew Potion, Extend Spell, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Scribe Scroll*, Tattoo Focus# (*bonus feats, #regional feat)

Racial and Class Abilities: Summon Familiar, School Specialist- Transmutation (+2 Spellcraft checks), prohibited schools- Enchantment Necromancy and Evocation* {*4th level and up} (cannot learn or cast from item, -4 Spellcraft checks), Specialist Defense +2, Spell Power +2, +4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point per level, 1 extra feat at levels 1 6 12 and 18

Khalia's Spells

Khalia's Inventory

Illustration by Sam Wood

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