"Surely you must be mistaken! This is a temple of Our Lady of Mysteries. Tell them, Father Thar…"
-Kevrin Acculos

Kevrin is a somewhat simpleminded sorcerer who, until recently, had devoted his services to the "Temple of Mystra" in Wheloon. His daily responsibilities included providing the illusory night sky for the evening sermons and attending to the needs of the patrons undergoing the three day ritual of "Mystra's Sacred Trust". Kevrin was as sure as any of the simple patrons as to the authenticity of the temple, until the PCs came to town.

When the group infiltrated the temple and finally discovered it's lie, they used non-lethal (mostly) force to subdue the guards and Kevrin. Father Shan Thar and Starweaver Fembrys were not as lucky. After some convincing and lack of forthcoming reassurance from Father Thar, Kevrin finally realized the truth of the false temple. He felt very betrayed and offered his aid in rooting-out the other temple inhabitants. The Purple Dragons needed him for questioning, however, and so his vengeance went unsated.
Kevrin has since been in talks with Lord Sarp about reopening the temple as a true Temple of Mystra. But without legitimate, experienced clerics of Mystra, the building's future is unsure.

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