"Approach and be welcome, hairy-ones. We stand on like-ground, our enemies share a skin. It is Semmanua's will that we ally against the dark-ones."

Until recently, Kessessek was a shaman of middling rank within the Sharptooth tribe of lizardfolk in the Vast Swamp. But the arrival of Despayr and the Sharrans nearly decimated his tribe, as well as the Blackscales and Poison Dusks. The tirbe's former leader, Gathan, was taken and Kessessek was forced to assume the role of leader. The tribe formerly known as the Dragonslayers has fallen under Despayr's control and have become undead horrors called Shadowscales. Under the constant threat of attack from these horrid shells of their former allies and facing unknown powers, Kessessek has done fairly well under the mantle of leadership.

The PCs met Kessessek after his attack force, comprised of the remainder of all three tribes' warriors, helped them defeat the Cyricist stalkers at the Skull Staff. The warriors led the PCs to the sulfuric geyser within the swamp were they parlayed with Kessessek.

It is the shaman's hope to rescue Gathan and the other captured lizardfolk taken to the Lost Refuge before they are killed or transformed into Shadowscales. He asked for the PC's aid to this end, conscripting the help of his advisor, !Chk. Kessessek waits patiently for any news from the PCs and, hopefully, the return of his former leader, Gathan, and his lover, Ashala.

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