"Etadl! Belosan et elan mal. Den terrac beloe malin dessin!"*
-Jonczer the Demon

From the Zhentarim to the Harpers and almost every organization in between Jonczer has dealt with the gamut of discerning interests. His tasks vary widely from assassinations to protection with little question or hesitation on his part. Inter-organizational dealings are the most lucrative, often resulting in a bidding war for his services. Those who've felt the sting of his skill in the past are often the quickest to hire him themselves, impressed by his talents.

Universally, Jonczer has been given the nick-name, 'The Demon', not only for his ferociousness in battle, but because of the fiendish-looking mask he wears and the curling horns jutting from his pate. It is said that he spits fire and reaches through the shadows to attack foes. Some also claim that he has four arms and whirls through groups of enemies like a vorpal blade. Still others have seen him push foes away by sheer force of will and disappear from sight. The stories are as varied as they are fantastic but they all share the same thread; the demonic mask and the paired, short blades he uses in combat.

Little is known of this enigmatic figure's past. But it is known that he is in fact a karsite and a member of the Children of Netheril.

*"Fool! Give that to me. That stone belongs to my people!" Translated from Loross

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