Jerik Ravensblade

"I kill things… well."

Jerik Ravensblade is your garden variety mercenary; strong, shrewd, and a survivalist. That last trait came in handy about two moons ago, when most of his adventuring group was killed in an unfortunate foray in Marsember. He had had misgivings about the group from the beginning; three sorcerers, a bard, and a fighter do not a party make. At least not an effective one. When they encountered a pair of otyughs in the city's fabled sewers they were ill equipped to handle the challenge. Try as he might, Jerik couldn't save his comrades from the smelly beasts. While preoccupied with one, the other hedged the group in from behind, killing Knabb, the poor halfling bard, first. Before the sorcerers had time to regroup, the beast felled poor Trianna next, then Paris, and finally Corrin. Jerik pressed the first otyugh hard and defeated him, but not before the rest of his group had already fallen. In a haze of blood red rage he destroyed the second otyugh and fought his way through the rest of the sewer (taking out many dire rats, kobold warriors, and a rather surprised kobold sorcerer). He stumbled his way out of a sewer grate in the middle of an outdoor cafe (scaring many patrons) and the city's purple dragons took the mercenary to the local temple of Lathander for healing. When the city guard found out about his deeds below ground they paid him a handsome sum, and with the few magic trinkets he'd taken from his fallen friends (they had made a pact in the beginning, giving permission if something such as this should occur) he was able to outfit himself with some very nice adventuring gear. Additionally, the city's lord, Bledryn Scoril, presented Jerik with an adventuring charter, giving the mercenary recognized legal consent to adventure within the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr. Being the only one in his 'company', he was given the authority to fill in the rest of the names as he saw fit. Putting his unhappy memories behind him, he left Marsember and traveled northeast to Wheloon, in search of worthy allies to fill his charter.

On the eve of his arrival in the fair city of Wheloon, he had decided to stay up late drinking at the local tavern, when a boisterous group entered. They threw money around like it was nothing and ordered a round for everyone. It was here that Jerik met the PCs. He accompanied them as far as the Forgotten Shrine, west of Wheloon, when he felt the need to return to the city. He escorted a pair of "merchants" from the shrine, for a fee, of course. Noory and Coobert (the merchants) were thankful for his aid and told him to look them up if he should find himself in Immersea. Jerik is currently taking it upon himself to look after Wheloon. The local purple dragons are glad to have his blade in service.

Jerik Ravensblade, male Human (Chondothan) Fighter lvl 6
HD: 6d10+18 HP: 53

STR:21*, DEX:16, CON:16, INT:12, WIS:10, CHA:12

AC: 21 (ff-20, t-11)

Saves: +10/+6/+3


  • Climb+11(+16)
  • Intimidate+10
  • Jump+9(+14)
  • Ride+12

Languages: Common, Chondothan, Damaran

Feats: power attack, cleave, weapon focus- greatsword, improved sunder, brute fighting*, great cleave, weapon specialization- greatsword, improved initiative, quick draw, furious charge# (# regional feat)

Combat Options (from Brute Fighting*)

-Combat Momentum: If you hit your opponent at the end of a Charge with a Two-Handed Weapon, and your opponent doesn’t hit you on the following round, you receive a +1 bonus on attacks against that opponent during your next round.

-Dispatch the Fallen: If you successfully Bull Rush or Overrun an opponent, you receive +4 damage on the next round against that opponent if you attack with a Two-Handed Weapon.

-Frenzied Attack: While using Power Attack (minimum –2 on attack rolls), if you hit your opponent on two consecutive rounds with a Two-Handed Weapon, you gain +2 bonus on all attacks against that opponent with that weapon for the rest of the encounter.

Jerik's Inventory

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