Innate Bond

Prerequisite: Soul Binding, Favored Vestige, Favored Vestige Focus, Practiced Binder, Ability to Bind 5th level Vestiges

Your favored vestige becomes a permanent resident. Part of their essence is forever linked to yours.

Benefit: You no longer need to perform the binding ritual for your favored vestige. You are considered to always be bound to that vestige, but it doesn't count toward the number of vestiges you can bind daily. You cannot, however, suppress this vestige's sign anymore, and you take on some of its personality (i.e. you take on its influence {you may ignore influences that require you to stop eating or sleeping, etc…}). If that vestige requires that you not bind to another vestige (Amon, Leraje, Chuppoclops, Karsus, etc…), you can no longer bind to those vestige/s. Any attempt to summon them fails. If you have the feat Ignore Special Requirement it does not apply to the vestige to which you are innately bound, anymore.

Normal: Each vestige you bind counts toward your daily limit and if your bind check is successful you may suppress its sign (2nd level binder ability) and ignore its influence.

Special: A Binder may select Innate Bond as one of their bonus feats. You may only take this feat once.

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