Hyralst Gymelin

-Hyraslt Gymelin, the ghostly cleric

Over a century ago, the goddess Marduk was worshipped by the humans and half-elves of the Yuirwood. In the primordial depths of this lush forest was a partially hidden temple, resplendent and known to house great knowledge. Hyralst Gymelin was raised in the border kingdom of Velprin and, though a half-elf, knew very little of the ways of the forest. His studies of the Sea of Night led him to the worship of Marduk and subsequently to becoming a cleric in her ranks. The years were enjoyable if not tense within the clergy; Infighting increased as they faced threats from beyond the fabric of the Prime Material. It seemed as if the shadow were trying to swallow their small temple, and when the Church of Shar attacked they were unprepared. Hyralst was captured and tortured within the very walls of the temple, forced to give the Sharrans information on how to access the other areas of the temple. Hyralst was skinned alive and left dangling on an inverted crucifix. The coup was successful, and the Sharrans wiped the knowledge of Marduk from the face of Faerun. Hyralst's spirit could find no rest, knowing he had contributed to the downfall of his faith. And so he haunted the halls of the temple of Marduk for an age. He would try to turn any adventurers away through fear, but those brave enough to get past him eventually met their end at the hands of one of the many minions of Shar left within the temple, or one of the creatures of shadow that had crawled through the Shadow Fringe.

Eventually, the PCs stumbled upon the temple and found the remains of Hyralst, still hanging from the crucifix. His spirit approached them, rather tactlessly, and begged them to wipe the taint of Shar from the temple. Only then would he find rest. The PCs hesitantly complied, and destroyed all of the vile undead and constructs within the temple. They also removed a Sharran shrine from within its walls and retrieved a book of Mardukkan lore for the ghostly cleric.

After defeating a dangerous wraith, the remains of one of Hyralst's Sharran torturers, the ghostly cleric thanked the PCs and was seen ascending an incorporeal staircase to the Gates of the Moon.

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