Helios Marten

NG Male, Human (Damarran). Cleric 3 Mystra / Wizard 3 / Mystic Theurge 1
6 HD 45 hp (3d8+9 plus 3d4+9)

STR-15, DEX-16, CON-16, INT-20, WIS-18, CHA-16

AC: 14 (ff-11, touch-14, with shield and mage armor-20)

Saves: Fort+9, Ref+7, Will+12


  • Concentration+14
  • Decipher Script+7
  • Diplomacy+8
  • Gather Information+5
  • Heal+9
  • Knowledge- Arcana+16
  • Knowledge- History+6
  • Knowledge- Local (Aglarond)+10
  • Knowledge- the Planes+12
  • Knowledge- Religion+14
  • Listen+4
  • Search+5
  • Spellcraft+18
  • Spot+4
  • Speak Language- Aglarondan, Damarran, Common, Draconic, Orc, Infernal, Celestial

Feats: Spellcasting Prodigy- Wizard, Improved Initiative, Luck of Heroes#, Practiced Spellcaster-Wizard, Craft Wondrous Item, Leadership (#regional feat)

Racial and Class Abilities: Eidetic Memory, Turn Undead 6x/day d20+3, Aura of Good, Spontaneous Casting- heal spells, Domains- Illusion (+1 CL Illusion Spells); Spell (+2 Spellcraft, +2 Concentration), +4 skill points at first level, +1 skill point per level, 1 extra feat at levels 1 6 12 and 18

From an early age, Helios exhibited great skill in the Art. His parents, poor cart-rights, couldn't afford to send him to the College of the Art in Velprintilar on their own. So they approached the shrine of Mystra for aid. In return for Helios' service to the church he would be taught spellcraft. The young mage excelled at both divine and arcane casting and even a modicum of skill with a short-spear. He grew into a hale and healthy man under the wing of the church.

Under the constant threat of invasion from their Thayan neighbors, Aglarond and its people scrutinized any activity by the malevolent Red Wizards, looking for any plots or intrigues. It was one such instance that took Helios from the comfort of the Emerald Throne to the windswept plains of northeastern Thesk. His superiors at the shrine of Mystra and the College of the Art were anxious about the new Thayan Enclaves springing-up all around Faerun. The very first had opened over a decade ago not far from the shores of Aglarond, in Telflamm, but would they all show the same benevolent concession of this first and most popular enclave? The newest one had opened in Two Stars and Helios was to travel there and discover what exactly these Thayans offered in their enclaves. On this journey he met-up with a Sembian knight by the name of Percival Stoutheart and an eccentric half-elven druid named Marley Bramblebeard. Together they made the journey from Milvarune to Two Stars, a daunting and dangerous trip.

Since he has begun his exploits as an adventurer, Helios has received strange portents in his dreams. These are most likely from his goddess, but who is to say for sure. His continued studies in the Art and his worship of Mystra coalesced when he gained the title of Mystic Theurge. His initiative in combat situations and renown for his adventures has gained him a follower by the name of Nathaniel, another cleric of Mystra.

Enemies abound in the lands of Faerun, but none greater it seems than the Church of Shar. Time and again Helios and the PCs cross unfriendly paths with the Sharran clergy, making them a high-priority foe. Helios' ultimate goal is to become a powerful mystic theurge to his Goddess. But he must first face the trials threatening his church, his goddess, and his world.

Helios stands at 5'9" with black hair and silver eyes. His athletic build seems odd for a practitioner of the Arts. But it is his endowments that cannot be seen that are his true gifts. Helios often wears crimson robes and can be seen meditating after a hard battle or when settling down for the evening.

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