Haspar Dreen

"One wrong step, my cully, an' you'll be brown bread, buttered, wiff Harry, on the boat…"

Little is known about Hapar (levels unknown) except that he stole the Grail of Shargrailar from the royal vaults in Velprintilar. Compounding to that felony, he murdered two of the three agents dispatched to catch him. Silas was the third remaining agent, the only one left to catch this criminal.

Haspar appears as a paunchy man of his mid to late thirties. His hair is black and unkempt. His skin is jaundiced and sports many tattoos, particularly on his face. His teeth are far from perfect and his nails are blackened and filthy. If sight were precursor to smell, his appearance wouldn't begin to prepare you for the olfactory assault of his body odor. Haspar has conditioned his body to not only be immune to carrion crawler brain juice (a type of poison), but to secrete it through his skin, giving him the constant scent of rotting meat.

He has, since being caught by Silas and the PCs, been more than helpful with their situation in the Twilight Tomb. Apparently, shortly after Haspar arrived in the small demiplane he was dominated by Mourel Duskwalker (evolved brain in a jar) and made to sneak around invisibly. This not only provided Mourel with vital information, but Haspar as well. During the PCs battle with Mourel, in which Haspar was being used to attack the PCs, Haspar cast protection from good in an attempt make it more difficult for the PCs to strike him. Fortunately, it also temporarily severed the link between him and Mourel, allowing Haspar to turn the tide in the PCs favor. He began using his wand to summon bugbear zombies and surround the Girallon Juju Zombie in which Mourel was hiding and controlling. Even though he had helped the group, Silas was far from trusting Haspar. Though, after some interrogation and bartering, the group grudgingly accepted his help and spared his life. And when all was said and done they parted company peacefully. Though, whether or not he can actually be trusted remains to be seen.

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