Handeera Greenhaven

"Cut one more limb from the tree and I'll make you a eunuch…"
-Handeera of the Yuirwood

Handeera Greenhaven is the half-sister of Ozimander Duskwood. She was raised in the depths of the harsh Yuirwood among other star elf Druids. As such, she has a fierce rapport of the natural world. Zealous at times, Handeera defends the Yuirwood from interlopers with unflinching dedication. Not much for human or humanoid interaction, her constant companions are a pack of snow-white dire wolves.

The PCs encountered Handeera after they conquered the Hidden Temple. She disclosed information about outsiders being seen near the cursed menhir and grudgingly took a spectral panther (that the party had orphaned) to Relkath's Foot for inculcation.

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