Garron Greatstone

Garron Greatstone is the youngest of three from a long family of engravers. The Greatstones are themselves refugees from a Dwarf Citadel built in the southern jungles of Mhair. The fortress was lost centuries ago thanks to the Yuan-ti that attacked with wild animals from without and madness from within. Since reaching majority, Garron has been haunted by visions of his ancestral home's demise-visions of lava, Garron's great grandfather going insane, and elephants. Dear gods, the elephants, THEY'RE IN THE HALLS! RUN FOR IT!

Garron believes that many of the dwarves lost in the fall, including his great grandfather, still haunt the ruins. He decided to become a cleric so he may one day put these troubled spirits to rest. His ultimate dream is to reclaim the jungle fortress.

In his travels, Garron found himself in Cormyr. Unable to find useful references in Baldur's Gate, he thought the great kingdom of Cormyr would surely have the information he sought.

Wheloon was his latest stop and he decided to visit the various temples therein. The temples of Silvanus and Chauntea, though exotic to him, were rather pleasant. However, the brand new temple of Mystra, goddess of magic, piqued his interest. Though a devout follower of Clanggedin, Garron thought that the Lady of Mysteries might provide some secret to reclaiming his ancestral home. He payed the 25gp to receive "Mystra's Sacred Trust", and had patiently endured the confusing sermon of father Shan Thar. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something in this temple was… off-putting. But, knowledge was something Garron greatly needed. Along with a few devout common travelers, Garron sat in the dormitory when a ruckus arose from outside. Shan Thar was barking orders at the temple guards and they were assembling in front of the innermost temple doors, bows drawn. The dwarf decided it would be best to don his armor once again and retrieve his weapons from the footlocker. Something was about to go down.

In the ensuing battles throughout the "Temple of Mystra" Garron proved a sturdy ally, aiding the PCs with healing and his own martial muscle. Once the temple's inhabitants had been rooted out, the dwarf bade farewell to the PCs. His goals took precedence over some silly war between human goddesses. Domagurtha must be reclaimed. Perhaps the dwarves of the Silver Marches could offer some insight or aid to his cause…

Garron Greatstone
Male Gold Dwarf Cleric lvl 6 (Clanggedin)

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