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Niall has heard of a isolated elven society living deep within the Veronian Mountains, between Dunthrane and St. Balthas (where Niall is from). Any attempts to reach the village by outsiders results in their disappearance. The forest and swampland at the base of the Veronians wherein the fabled city of Dejai is said to sit is renown for its will o' wisps. Travelers with any sense steer well clear of it.

Re: What now? by morganpetemorganpete, 02 Jun 2010 17:46

Niall looks up at the newcomer and says, "I know of the village you speak good sir."

[To DM: Wanna fill in the details for me like we discussed Saturday.]

Re: What now? by jjkovojjkovo, 02 Jun 2010 04:01

Silas glances around uneasily, hoping someone else knows of this village.

Re: What now? by Rich GrayRich Gray, 02 Jun 2010 03:29

"What is our next objective," asks the nameless elf, "They are likely aware of our presence by now. We should anticipate any further foes to be waiting in ambush, or to be attacked by them outright." He stealthily steps toward the hole in tbe gatehouse wall leading to the courtyard, "We should stand clear of this breach, it is far too prone to artillery fire, and it appears that the ballista has found a new perch." Drawing the PCs gazes upward, the elf points out the ballista taking up position on the roof of the northern section of the abbey, which already has a higher foundation. "I suggest we move into the eastern room and from there dispatch a team to reconoiter," he turns to the group with an honest expression, not quite a smile but more than the blank expression he's worn so far, "You all fight well. My name is Soma Sel'Fein of the Order of the Hidden Blade. My clan was attacked by these cultists outside of Dejai, my village. Do you know of it?"

What now? by morganpetemorganpete, 28 May 2010 02:42

"So," says the tiefling pyromancer, "now that you have your freedom, do you intend to return to Faerun? We know of a portal a few hours away."
"You could, of course, join us. If fighting Sharran dogs is to your liking." As Nimmik says this, the shadowy book imp on his shoulder bobs up and down excitedly.

Allies? by morganpetemorganpete, 27 Apr 2010 04:01

"May the Traveler guide your steps, Pick," says the changeling as Silas vanishes from the cave.

Shadows rushed past Silas as he was swept through the league between the cave and the Necreme. An overwhelming sense of vertigo coupled with intense speed made the shadar kai feel as if he was being ripped apart, yet part of him thrilled at the experience. As quick as it began his movement halted. He was in mid air above the Necreme, maybe 10 feet above the boat. Not wanting to risk the fall he used his Velvet Stride and teleported to the deck. He immediately noticed the large black cloud approaching the bow of the boat…

Re: Questions by morganpetemorganpete, 18 Mar 2010 16:16

“Five, the pleasure was all mine, I’m sure,” Silas says, giving Deandra a sly wink. Probably best not to tell her about Sol, he thinks to himself. The less information she knows, the better.

With that, he begins putting all of his equipment that might be damaged by water into his Bag of Holding, including his Cloak. As a way of explanation, he offers, “If you’re going to be teleporting me onto a moving boat in the middle of the flaming Shadowfell, I’m damn well going to make sure I’m ready to get wet.”

[Player’s note: I’m going to remove and place in the Bag anything that might either become unusable by being immersed in water (like poisoned shuriken, or my bow) or that might hinder a swim check. Then I’m going to secure the Bag very much to my person, just in case.]

Silas shifts his gear around, checking to make sure his Gambler’s Shortsword is secured in its thigh sheath, and nods to Deandra. “Ready when you are.”

As soon as the teleportation circle is ready, Silas enters and gets ready to Velvet Stride somewhere safe, just in case…

Re: Questions by Rich GrayRich Gray, 18 Mar 2010 14:44

"Just follow me," says 'Vincent' as she walks further into the cavern.

She leads Silas to a small room with masonry walls, "Even though this place is in the Shadowdark, its considered to be holy to Mask. She can't find us here. If you need to fall back to this cave later, feel free to, just make sure you're not followed."

In the center of the floor is a circle of glyphs. Deandra pulls a small pouch from her belt and an elaborate holy symbol made of various six-sided dice. " I know a few rituals that'll get you where you need to go. The tricky thing will be fooling the gate to take you to a location lacking a corresponding gate."

DeeDee begins delicately tracing symbols over the glyphs on the floor, changing their meaning and function, "If I target the boat, thats your best chance. Unless they didn't take the boat… you'll still be closer than you are now." After twenty minutes of tracing she stands, looks over her handywork and nods, "Okay, good luck. I need to use this after you so no long goodbyes. I know you'll miss me, no need to state the obvious." She changes back in to her original form, "Well, Four of Five, it was a pleasure. You're the only other one I've met. I haven't a clue who these other three might be…"

Re: Questions by morganpetemorganpete, 18 Mar 2010 06:06

Silas nods and places the figurine back in the bag.

"I'm ready when you are. But…how do you plan on getting us back to my companions? Last I checked, they were on a boat manned with only a skeleton crew."


Re: Questions by Rich GrayRich Gray, 17 Mar 2010 21:04

"Shar needs to be stopped altogether," says the changeling as she hoists her pack, "She has designs on Masks power, not to mention the end of all things. All around bad for everything and everyone, gods included."
She approaches and inspects the statue, "Pretty, but we don't have time for you to show-off your skrimshaw skills. Now, come on, we need to get you back with your group, and soon."

Re: Questions by morganpetemorganpete, 17 Mar 2010 18:59

Silas nods. “I’m not one to buy into this whole ‘good guy/bad guy’ schtick, but even I’ll admit that letting Shar tear the weave could make things difficult for an honest thief. Thanks for the information, I’ll make sure to use it.”

“But there is one more thing. Know something about this?” Silas fishes the Deandra figurine out of his Bag of Holding and holds it out to her.

Re: Questions by Rich GrayRich Gray, 17 Mar 2010 16:46

Deandra changes back to her original form and says, "Strom and Despayr are at the Black Rift. But, there are other areas that require your attention before you face them. Their minions are camped at two separate locations; the Warrens, where you should find the remainder of the undead lizards and hopefully some surviving prisoners. And the Ebon Dome, where the Lady of Loss is trying to rebuild her forgotten monastic order and where Strom's Cyricist allies are currently staying."

She walks over and leans against the cavern wall next to Silas, "Now, the Stone, thats a tricky bit. I know about as much as you do about it, maybe less. All I know is that everyone wants it and The Traveler needs it."
Seeing the question on Silas' face she elaborates, "The Traveler is the name of the god whom I serve. As far as I can figure she is either the same entity as your Mask or one of his servants. Neither would surprise me. But, where I am from, there is no Mask. My guess is that the Traveler/Mask needs that stone to change that. But, more importantly, your Mystra needs you and yours to stop Shar from ripping a hole in the Weave."

She changes form again to that of Vincent and in his voice says, "Now, any more questions, or can I get back to doing my job?" She walks across to the other side of the cave and begins gathering her gear, "You should really get back to your friends, Despayr has minions all over the Shadowfell. Its not safe out there."

Re: Questions by morganpetemorganpete, 17 Mar 2010 16:27

"Something always seemed fishy about that. So Strom was going after the Karse Stone, and in order to prevent him from taking it from Helios, you engineered the ambush to make it look like you were being double crossed by the “thugs” you hired as help. Clever. Risky, but clever.”

Silas pauses a moment before continuing. “And this Strom fellow – Vincent’s brother, and the fake Lady Levitas we fought that night at the fountain – where is he now?”

Re: Questions by Rich GrayRich Gray, 17 Mar 2010 15:38

Deandra cocks her head coyly and gives a low laugh, "Someone wasn't paying attention… The man that hired you to kill your friend was dead before you met him. I hired you and the two buffoons to kill the mage. I knew you we're buddy-buddy with him and had counted on the other two following your lead when you ultimately 'betrayed' me. If not, I thought you could easily dispatch them. Did you really think a trained assassin would botch such a cut and dry ambush? It had to look like a believe-able double-cross or his brother, Strom, would have caught-on. You know - the one that killed the priestess of Selune and wore her face for two days?"

She stands and walks to the center of the cavern, "As for killing the real Vincent; it wasn't altogether difficult. I was a bit disappointed. Flash a bit of flesh and most men let their guard down, he was no exception. The trick was getting his trust. That took time. In seduction, one must become the object of their target's greatest desire. It was easier for me than most, I admit," she changes form to appear as a busty auburn haired woman, "but the trust always takes time. Oh! And research, always research. A bit tedious, but I have a mind for such things. Details interest me greatly."

She returns to Silas' side leaning forward on a boulder to tactically show as much cleavage as possible without being lewd, "So, in which details are you interested. I assume you came here for answers…"

Re: Questions by morganpetemorganpete, 16 Mar 2010 22:59

Silas slowly lowers his nocked arrow to the ground, but keeps his senses sharp. He gives his best sly grin, saying, "Charmed, I'm sure."

I have to think quickly and figure this out. "So you managed to kill a man that I've been following for some time." Silas spins his arrow between two fingers and stows it deftly in his quiver. "I'd thank you, but I was really looking forward to it myself."

The Shadar-kai leans nonchalantly against the cave wall, one foot cocked behind him. "You know, I - we - have gone through a lot to get here." He began ticking items off on his fingers. "Fake rituals, false temples, mysterious gates, ambushes, traps, even a change of sodding race. And after all that, I go through another gate, fight a dragon…thing!…only to find these kenku taking orders from someone who looks oddly similar to the same man I've been following." Silas pauses for a breath. "So tell me, despite your cavalier attitude and your neat shape changing trick, why shouldn't I kill you where you stand?"

Questions by Rich GrayRich Gray, 16 Mar 2010 22:06
morganpetemorganpete 26 Jan 2010 19:39
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Session 08 21 09

"I think we need to rethink our tactics…" says the tiefling, after being healed by Nathaniel, "they are obviously entrenched on that plane and hold other distinct advantages over us. We need to know what we're up against; so, I say, send the rogue in for some recon. I also volunteer myself as back-up, I didn't spend a decade leaning the nuances of illusion to sit by the sidelines when my talents would obviously be of use."

Plans by morganpetemorganpete, 26 Jan 2010 19:39

Aenin, head still in his hands lifts it in the air, "We are all fairing much better looking than she and her ilk."

Re: 'Awful', he says! by wjacobiwjacobi, 21 Jan 2010 21:20

"Well, I understand my new appearance is a bit to get accustomed to, but thats no call for defamat — Oh, you mean us being wounded. Yes, I suppose we do look awful," quips Nimmik, trying to stem the flow of blood from a nasty gash in his shoulder.

Nathan channels Mystra's power to heal his wounds. "Is anyone else badly hurt?"

'Awful', he says! by morganpetemorganpete, 20 Jan 2010 15:57

Silas looks over at what used to be Percival and !Chk with what can only be described as indifference.

"Again? Of course. It seemed too good to be true that at least one of our party might remain human." His dark eyes shift to the window and through it, searching the darkness outside for something. "We've been too focused on what's happening inside. If I were the bad guys, I would probably pick now to attack. If anybody needs me, I'll be back on the roof." Silas briefly glances Niall up and down, then takes a step back, disappearing into the shadows.

Silas's disembodied voice seems to come out of nowhere. "And Helios, you might want to hurry. I fear we've lingered here long enough." The shadows near the doorway lengthen upward towards the ceiling, then suddenly snap back into place, leaving no trace of the spellthief.

Medical Attention Seeker by Rich GrayRich Gray, 19 Aug 2009 19:53

"Funny you should ask," Nimmik chuckles, "up until about an hour ago I was a member of the human race. How I came to resemble some demonic minion; I attribute that occurrence to my poor judgment in mixing magical energies and making pacts with entities beyond my understanding. However ultimately successful it may have been."

The quasit grins wickedly at the mention of 'entities beyond my understanding' and bobs its head excitedly. Its canine features and downward-curving horns give it an odd appearance, and its shadowy form seems to fade and coalesce in a random cycle.

"Silas looks a bit worse for wear; much paler than usual. But, walking through a Shadow Gate has that effect, I suppose," says the tiefling gesturing to the heavily cloaked archer in the doorway.

You notice his features bear a stark similarity to the descriptions of Shadar-Kai you've read or heard about. While not an evil race, they do tend to the extreme, often daring much and caring little.

The one called Aenin is sifting through a small pile of equipment on the floor of the gatehouse. While youthful he sports a head of grey hair and his skin is deathly pale. Like Silas, his eyes lack any pupil. They are two black orbs that remind you of the void that brought you here. As he pulls a tattered-looking robe from the pile he hefts the massive black sword in his grip to his shoulder and inspects the garment. While obviously moving and fit, Niall has yet to see the man draw a breath. You suspect him to be some kind of undead.

Helios, still preoccupied with his projects, appears to be inscribing magical runes along the shaft of an impressive-looking javelin. The odd gem on his forehead and his half-closed eyes swirl with silver fire. That gem, in its placement, seems an unblinking third-eye. Niall has heard stories of an enlightened race of humanoids that sometimes visit St. Balthas; Kalashtar, they are called. They often aid in any way they can against the minions of Ckalle and Gardusk, but their homeland is unknown.

The knight appears to be the only human in the gatehouse. He and his lizard friend are in the corner, the lizard seems to be drawing a large intricate circle on the floor with chalk.

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