"I will rid this forest of elf scum!"


An unusually surly and racist thorn, Flick entered the Night Realm with Tolg'byri in the hopes that the nilshai would succeed in his plot to subjugate the Yuirwood and expunge the elves and half-elves from within. Accompanied by his grizzly bear companion, he followed Tolg'byri's orders devoutly. When Mourel Duskwalker sent his minions to take back the southern tower Flick was stationed there with a small company of orcs and hobgoblins. He was unaware that the nilshai was eventually defeated by Savera. When the PCs arrived he was initially against their presence, but when the shadows and wraiths all but consumed the southern tower, he grudgingly accepted their help. Flick also aided in the battles against Savera and opted out of Thraka's betrayal of the PCs. In the end, Flick made it out of the demiplane safely, however, his grizzly bear decided he much preferred the company of Ozimander to that of the surly thorn. The thorn stormed off spewing curses (in sylvan) and warned the PCs to watch their backs in the Yuirwood.

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