Ducky & Garm

-"Me an' old Ingal was down at the good wheel, right? These two culls, right? Start squarin-up, right? Proper shoutin'. So one of the geezes gets 'imself shoved into Garmy here, right?…"
-"shuv'd ina Garmy hee hee…"
- Elleryn "Ducky" Dukat and Garm

You're common barfly and gambler from Velprintilar could tell you that Elleryn "Ducky" Dukat (Unaligned human male, Rogue lvl 4) can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Ducky stands at about 5'4", is rather thin and has dusty blonde hair. His green eyes are constantly shifting and below his prominent (and obviously broken on a few occasions) nose lies a mouth set in a perpetual smirk. He wears the latest fashions of the region, often going to great expense. Cost rarely shirks Ducky. His stash is usually bulging from gambling winnings. At his hip he carries an elegant rapier that has spilled much blood inside the bars and the back alleys of the east end.
Ducky's left hand is a bestial bruiser that goes by the name Garm. Garm (Unaligned half-orc male, Rogue/Barbarian Hybrid lvl 3) doesn't say much unless its to reiterate something Ducky has already said, whether Garm understands it or not. This gray orc tops seven feet tall and a few inches after. His face seems placid enough when not in battle. Most of the time he sports a stupid grin. But in a rage he looks as ferocious as a rabid tarrasque. He carries a large bone white greataxe on his back and a matching short sword at his hip, and his armor and buckler appear to be made of white scales. If Ducky were characterized as a scalpel, Garm would be a sledgehammer. Both of these fellows are old friends of Silas back during his thieving days.

In battle these two are fluid in their tactics, aiding each other seamlessley. Garm employs his rage ability while Ducky follows close behind to ward off any attacks aimed at the wide openings left on the gray orc. They always try to fight back to back if not flanking another opponent. They employ the use of potions of cats grace (for Ducky) and bulls strength (for Garm) in battle to devastating effect.

The PCs met Ducky and Garm briefly in Velprintilar during the battle at the lillend fountain. They helped turn the tide in a somewhat sticky situation.

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