Davo & Lux

-"Inuad eloa et alam. Dinnad hual et belut."
-"Ayan. Sin Alam et madic belut."
-Lux and Davo

Raised their entire lives deep within the Dire wood, interacting only with others of their kind, Davo and Lux are new to the wide world of Faerun. They are considered initiate members of the Children of Netheril and, as such, have been given the standard magical silver masks.

Lux (LN female Karsite, binder lvl 4)carries herself with unearthly grace. Her face and body are the stuff of mens' dreams. She stands at 5'10" and is fairly muscled. Her dark brown hair has a white streak down the left side (as with all karsites). Lux acts as if she were nobility, in fact, most karsites raised among their kind (throughout the multiverse) are told from an early age that they are descended from nobility if not divinity. She often makes pacts with Amon, giving her a surly attitude, glowing red eyes, and rams horns. She also wears her silver mask much of the time. In battle she wears a fine suit of chainmail and wields a warhammer and a large spiked steel shield. She absolutely loves the fire breathing ability Amon grants her and uses it whenever she can. Lux also occasionally binds with Savnok when she thinks teamwork in battle might be needed.

Davo (CN male Karsite, binder lvl 4) is the strong silent type. Though his lack of vociferousness best not be mistaken for timidness. Davo is a consummate prankster and rampant in battle but keeps his own counsel. He stands a little above average height at 6'1", though his figure looks all the more imposing in his dark red mithral full plate. Emblazoned on the breast of this armor is one golden eye. Davo's raven dark hair is set with a white streak. He wields a deadly greatsword in battle, hewing his way through foes. He often employs the powers of Focalor, using call lightning on foes he can't reach. His pacts with Focalor can often make him morose and he feels regret for each enemy he falls. Davo has also been known to bind with Marduk, since Nimmik's recent discovery that Marduk has become a vestige.

Lux and Davo are somewhat opposites. In battle they exhibit little formula or plan, they simply set out to defeat all foes. Davo often tries to draw the majority of the enemies to him so he can use his aura of sadness and Cleave through many foes at once. Lux likes to stay mobile, often charging back and forth on the field using her ram attack to deadly effect. When Nimmik is accompanying them, which has been the case lately, they take advantage of the confusion his illusion magic causes amongst their foes.

The PCs encountered Davo and Lux toward the end of the battle in Velprintilar. The karsites along with Nimmik definitively shut-out the Sharrans' attempts on the PCs lives.

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