"!Chk understands, !Chk merely does not speak common well"

!Chk was hunter, like most of !Chk's tribe. Then !Chk hit by crocodile, not get up fast. !Chk get up, hear voices in head. !Chk listen, strange things happen. !Chk breathe fire and grow horns sometimes, sometimes !Chk merely ramble on but others listen. !Chk's visage and manners change depending on which voice !Chk listens to. Sometimes !Chk force voices to listen to !Chk and back like !Chk's self. Shaman listen, speak to !Chk: "Leave and return when voices always listen to !Chk." Now !Chk try to make voices listen more.

!Chk is a small Poison Dusk Lizardfolk, whose skin naturally changes colors. Around his neck he bears an amulet, the string through holes in crocodile teeth, but the center appearing to be a dragon's tooth. He also wears chain mail, although the style suggests it was originally made for a halfling and modified to fit the lizard's physique. from his belt hangs a crossbow and a folded net, ready for use. Naturally, many other aspects are subject to change with the bound vestige, as he almost never bothers to suppress the sign.

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