Captain Fenn

"Humph… so, you call yourself a 'soldier'? What battles have you seen? The Albers ain't no pleasure cruise…"
- Captain Phinneous Fenn of the Albers

Fenn was the gruff no-nonsense captain of the Albers, the ship that took the PCs from Telflamm to Emmech across the Sea of Dlurg.
Rumor on deck was that Fenn made payments to the raiders from Delthuntle and the Pirate Isles and that Selene (his woman) made contact with them while at port - this was patently false; the captain knew the waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars so well that he was able to instruct the navigator to avoid potential ambushes and hazards. He also happened to be in love with Selene, although he wasn't the type to express it onboard. The night before his death he promised Selene that he would retire from the sea and make a life with her on land

Fenn (Expert lvl 5 [Sailor]) carried himself as a crusty, if not eccentric, old sea dog. Notably, his left eye was missing and an ornate glass eye stared lazily out at the world. His fine jacket and cutlass bespoke the success of his many successful cargo hauls. Merchants respected his ability to get goods shipped on time, and his crew respected the fact that his ship, the Albers, had a reputation for avoiding pirate attacks. Onboard his ship and in public, he cut a stoic grim figure.
Fenn met his demise at the ghostly hands of the captain of the Sea Maiden, a cursed ghost ship. His death caused much infighting and suspicion onboard. After being buried at sea, Fenn returned to unlife as the new captain of the Sea Maiden. The PCs battled him and his undead sea scourges to protect the crew of the Albers.

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