Class: Drow "special" priestess of Lolth (1 of 300 Arachne class brood/druid)
Stats/Age/Weight: "You mind your own bizz-nazz!!"

Fleeing the Cylon tyranny….er…the Spider-Queen's grasp, the Lolth priestess known as Arachne (who is the 161st to aquire the name) became a renegade the day the Underchasm collapsed upon the great East Rift of Faerun. When a natural rockslide ended a ceremony honoring the Spider-Queen and killed many of those in attendance in the Underdark (including Arachne's family), Lolth did nothing to rescue the survivors. But when Arachne lifted herself from the rubble and saved a few Quaggoth slaves, they took her with them out of the darkness and into the surface world where she began a new life of freedom and exploration.
Although untrusted by the gold dwarves that dwell in the East Rift, very few question her knowledge about the Underdark, knowledge that has proved valuable to them as they defend the Underchasm against subterranean abberations and frequent raids by Drow adversaries (although they have yet to know it was her aiding the gold dwarves). She has also saved quite a few refugees and slave Drow and Quaggoths as they make a small community in Delzimmer, away from the nightmare crater.
New to the surface world, Arachne travelled alone until kidnapped by a unknown group of creatures. She allies with a roving band of miscreants and a gaseous partially undead holy man (what's up wit dat?) who relieves himself while decomposing. Her quests will take her to adventure and fortune the likes to which we have seen absolutely waaaaayyy too many times.

(An incomplete notation of the social order/caste/class of Lolth's inner sanctum as it pertains to Faerun)

Arachne class: The highest level of Lolth's pecking order. Serves as female bodyguards or temple priestess and has Quaggoth and/or male Drow slaves.

Black Widow class: Serves as female "consorts" to Lolth. Also serves as drow warrior breeders. Lolth very personal slaves.

Tarantula class: The male warriors of Lolth. Guardsmen and highest level for a male drow to attain. Watches over large slave quarries.

Red Fang class: The assassins and scouts of the Underdark. Spies of Lolth.

Blood Brood class: Lowest rank for Lolth's servants. Still considered higher than any non-classified drow. Usually servant and workers but not slave. Quaggoths may attain this title/rank.

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